Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet NIbbletts, I found an old Diary!!

In preparation of my upcoming move I am deep cleaning my apt. Tonight I found a journal that I started in 1998!! (ack how am I that old??!!) and at the back of it was a lovely list of important standards that I felt my future husband should adhere to. So I'm copying word for awkward word, what I wrote back then.

1.  A solid walk with God.   Well we start off well at least!
2. A love of children.
3. Music lover, but not opera or metal!
4. Must be sensitive and be able to cry.
5. Must have short nails.  Pet Peeve, I still can't deal with men having any whites on their nails.
6. Has to wear decent clothes to church (i.e. no jeans)  Ohhh how the mighty have fallen..
7. Has to have a steady job. One would think this would be oh, maybe #3??
8. Has to have an active part and interest in church.
9. Can't have slicked back, greased up hair.
10. Good table manners.
11. Must be cute (to me) and half an inch taller (at least!)
12. Cannot snore!
13. Has to have a good personality.
14. Short hair! (no chin length cuts for my man!)
15. A GREAT sense of humor.
16. Has to put up with my weird spells.
17. Has to be as weird and crazy as me! (no normal, boring guys need apply!) Not sure this is possible?!
18. Can't wear too tight, or too baggy jeans! Ye-Uck!
19. Clean shaven, no goatee, or mustache or beard or anything.  This has changed. Partially since I had to put up with a full beard for 4 months with the last dude.
20. Tender yet tough.
21. A late sleeper.  Clearly I have my priorities in order!
22. A Basketball fan.  Can you tell I'm a Hoosier?
23. Someone who will sing to me.  We Kiss in the Shadows? Anyone?
24. Someone who will protect me.

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Jena Kay said...

This is hilarious! I love reading old journals and notes from my younger years. Always good for a laugh.