Sunday, March 4, 2012

You know you suffer from a Chronic Illness....

You know you suffer from a Chronic Illness If/When

You have a designated puke bucket in every room of your home

Bonus points if the ones in your living room and bedroom are courtesy of a Hospital Trip

You have an entire crisper drawer in your fridge designated for 7up and Powerade/Gatorade

If looking at a can of 7Up when you're not sick makes you just a tad nauseated

If the reason you carry such a big purse is because the amount of medicine you need with you at all times

If the one perk of taking so many medicines everyday is getting a gas discount from purchasing meds at your Pharmacy-Grocery Store

Your Pharmacist know you by your first name

Bonus points if you're friends with the Pharmacy Tech who texts you when your meds are ready

When you've had 13 surgeries in 12 years

When you have no less than 5 Doctors in your cell phone address book

When you don't have time to send Christmas cards to your friends, but instead make sure to send one to each of your Doctor's, with a handwritten note

When you have no vacation days because you constantly use them as sick days

When you start the week wondering if you will make it through without having a flare up

When you have to cancel plans with your friends and feel like a horrible person for doing so

When you have ever so helpful ignorant people say to you "you're sick alot"

Bonus points if the above mentioned statement is followed by the excellent and never thought of advice such as:

Do you take Vitamins?

You should get a nutritionist!

Have you tried Yoga?

You should eat all Organic!

Maybe if you weren't overweight you wouldn't be sick!

Can't you take meds to prevent that?


Maybe you take too many medications. 

And other various sundry oh so helpful advice.

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Michelle said...

Love, love, love this and can identify with so many of them!

Michelle said...

Love, love, love this. I can identify with so many of them!