Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mid Week Confessions-The Crankysauce Edition

So I know E is on vacation this week (oh how I wish to be her!) but let's face it, I've got alot of stuff to confess. So E or no E, the confessions must go on!!

I am learning that I have a huge character flaw of when I am stressed or in a bad mood, irritated, ect. I just want to be left alone. I don't want people to ask me questions, or have to chit chat, I just want to be left alone. This goes well at night since I live alone but doesn't play out that well at work when I work in a front office with 2-3 other people. I'm beginning to fear for my future husband as this isn't going to work out so well if and when I get married. Separate wings anyone??

Something KMuss said at Bible Study last week really stuck with me. I've heard it before and really needed to hear it again. She said that our Joy should not come from our circumstances and our emotions.  Oh boy howdy, I confess that I am horrible at this.  I live life on my emotions, or so my Mom tells me :) I feel things very deeply, good or bad. Which is partly good because I think it makes me a caring person because I can feel others pain, but on the flip side it's not so pretty. 

I feel like I should be entitling this Mid Week Confessions The Crankysauce Edition!

Last week when I fell and got my stitches and concussion I did not cry during the stitches or the shots, nor did I feel them. What I yelped at and said OWW that hurt! Was when they pulled the bobby pins out of my hair. (I had to give them bobby pins to hold my hair back because I have so much curly hair it kept falling into the cut and they couldn't see to stitch it shut.) I swear she was trying to give me another abrasion on my head.

They gave me a Neuro exam while I was there to gauge brain damage I guess. I don't know, but I didn't do so well on it. In my defense I don't know that I would have done any better if I hadn't had a head injury and been in my right mind!

I saw that I lost a follower and it brought me down to 38 people and I felt a little sad inside. I have to confess I've loved actually getting comments and having some new readers! i get a little thrill every time I get that notification email. When I saw I dropped one, I had a sad.

We're having a Free Massage day at work, put on by our students, and it's become one of my projects, doing all the advertising and signing up patients. I have been FREAKING OUT because as of 4:30 the day before the event we had 17 open spots left. So I have been basically stalking anyone and everyone I run into that works there to get a free massage. I always have to pause and add a disclaimer after my opening, because being that I am a slightly awkward individual, I also lead in with Hey! Do you want a massage??!!!

My confessions are kind of lame this week, but I'm going to blame it on the head injury!

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Jena Kay said...

Well whoever stopped following you is missing out! Their loss not yours! :)