Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

I may or may not email Kim and Audra with the subject line of "Important" only to have them open the email and read that I need outfit help.

I also may or may not have emailed a co worker with the subject line of "HELP" in order to get her to come up to the front office and watch a student for me so I could escape to the bathroom. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I get insanely proud of myself when I have made it to 2 pm without getting any items of food on my outfit. Yes, I am 30 years old and still working on this!

I really should stop writing these days ahead of time, because the following day I spilled milk on my shirt before 7 am. Before I had even left my apt for work.

Do you see now why I need outfit help?

I buy food at Menards. Before you think this is insane, they have quite the selection! For example, I love Frosted Mini Wheats, well Menards has their own off brand of them, which are quite good, and their 27 oz box was 1.88 this week! That's a steal!!!!! I bought 5 boxes and stopped myself from more. But I may go back later in the week!

I am having some *MAJOR* Crankysauce issues this week. I don't know if it's the stress from Monday but I am really not having that pleasant of an attitude. Which people really very helpfully point out to me, and that doesn't make the crankysauce any better. 

I started using Twanda as a hashtag on Twitter and I'm desperately hoping it catches on. She's already taken facebook by storm!

While nervous about something and needing to PUMP myself up, I may have chosen The Backstreet Boys to fit that bill.  It may also have been followed by Miley's Party in the USA.

I swear I was a Music Major in college. I just have.. eclectic taste... that may or may not be stuck in my teenage years.


Bech and Marley Evans said...

"Party in the USA" is one of my guilty pleasures!

Jena Kay said...

I still love me some Backstreet Boys! Makes me feel young again!

Charity said...

The dream of my heart is NSYNC reuniniting and finally being able to go to one of their concerts!

Casey said...

I FREAKING love Miley's Party in the USA. LOVE IT. And emailing "help" to be able to go to the bathroom is a worthy cause. I have sent that email on occasion.

Katie said...

You are hilarious! I loved reading this :) I'm guilty of buying food at Menards. I did not know they even sold food there until I was there to get lumber. They have DVDs too. So weird.

New follower :)