Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday MishMash

 I am just now getting around to transferring some of my pictures onto my computer so this is a mish mash of new and old. A few weeks ago Bergs and Gunnar picked me up for a special Birthday Lunch at where else? DOG N SUDS!! My love for Dog N Suds runs true and deep.
 Bergs and Baby Clella Mae also approved!!!!! I think Bergs looks super cute as a preggo, classy as always!! And yes we did take pictures with me in them, but my head looked GINORMOUS, like bigger than all of Clella, so out of kindness for the masses, I will not be posting that egregiousness!
 I got rid of my kitchen table a few weeks ago, because in my new place the dining room will be my Piano studio and seriously people, I eat on the couch.  So I was enjoying the empty space in my kitchen when I realized I could really use my old desk from my parents house. Mom graciously carted it all the way here and I helped her put it together and it's working out marvelously! I created my own little office in my kitchen. Weird for some but works for me.
I've had my printer underneath an end table for the past 2+ years and that really makes it hard to print stuff. While I was moving stuff around I actually switched my night stand in my bedroom for something else. I was going to sell my night stand until I realized it made the perfect printer stand and supply holder. It does look a little awkward, but it's super nice to be able to print stuff easily and change my ink without having to sit on the floor.  In my new place my second bedroom will actually be an office and I will not have my office in the kitchen anymore, just in case you're worried! :)  3 more months until I move! HALLELUJAH!!

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Jena Kay said...

I have never heard of Dogs n Suds, but it sounds like something I would like. Is it a drive in type place? Happy late Birthday!