Monday, April 23, 2012

Movin' On Up

Well the time is approaching ever so quickly for me to move into my new townhouse. A little quicker than I had anticipated as last week I got a call from the complex wanting to know if I could move in sooner than my anticipated July 27'th moving date. So now I am getting my keys on JUNE 29'th and having the great move the following day, June 30'th.

I am excited to be in my place quicker, (especially since I woke up at 4 am to the smell of Sewage coming from my shower) but my planner control freak inside of me is FREAKING OUT!!! at the loss of a month to plan and pack.

Not to mention I am really wanting to get some new furniture, especially a new Queen Sized bed, so I'm slightly scrambling to look at my budget again and figure out when I can buy things for my new place. 

The top three items are 1.Queen Bed, 2. Armoire Entertainment Center and 3. Dark wood Coffee Table. OH! And I can't forget a Washer and Dryer! ACK!

My parents are giving me end tables they have in their attic that apparently my dad's parents had made for them when they got married. I'm HOPING to steal their living room couch and love seat as I am deeply in love with them, and my Mom wants a new set.  

So the furniture hunt is officially on and I am almost officially freaking out at moving in two months. I am SO not looking forward to carrying everything down two flights of stairs. BUT I will be ever so thrilled to not have to schlep groceries and other items UP two flights of stairs. Really someone should have slapped some sense into me when I moved up to the third floor.

I also have to get used to living on a complete opposite end of town than I have ever lived! I have always lived on the South Side of town for the past 9 years I have been here. Now I will live on the North/East side. It will be nice to live alot closer to the interstate, it will make going home to the farm so much easier, and easier for my parents to visit me while they are in town. But I am mourning having to switch Payless stores and pharmacies. I know, I know. Crazy. But when you've went to the same one for years on end one gets a little attached.

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Katie said...

Have you looked into any 'Buy/Sell/Trade' groups on Facebook in your area? There three just in my small area, and people are ALWAYS posting cheep things on there...beds, furniture, appliaces, and clothes.

Also, I highly recommend! I have scored a few things from there. Good luck!