Friday, April 13, 2012


My head hurts. I got my stitches out this week finally, and it was a relief to have them out as they were beginning to itch and feel weird. But I went to my Chiro today to get my neck put back in place and sweet mercy, him touching the back of my head to stretch me just about made me cry! I still have an egg on the back of my head. The swelling has gone down alot but I still have a very pronounced egg. Thankfully just last night I was finally able to sleep with my head laid back on the pillow. Trying to sleep only on my left side was getting old.

It is 7 pm on a Friday night and since I got off work I have: Went to CVS, Cleaned my kitchen, did the dishes, made dinner, ate dinner, did laundry, watched last nights's Greys, painted my toes neon pink and read people magazine. It's pathetic, but I want to fall asleep now. I am SO tired!!

This might possibly be the most boring post ever, but I'm trying to blog more than once or twice a week! 

What does one buy for a one year old's Easter basket? Yes, I know Easter is over but I won't see my Nephew until May, and he's one so he has no clue he's getting his basket late. I have a theme of what I'm going to give him every year, and I need a "treat" but like I said, he's ONE. Not like he can have candy. I thought of a Banana, because fruit is sweet so to me that defines a "treat" but then I thought it might be weird if I gave him a Banana in his Easter basket. I'd forever be known as his weirdo Auntie who gave him a Banana in an Easter basket. If anyone has any suggestions of a HEALTHY NON CANDY Appropriate for a one year old treat, please, leave me a comment. Otherwise Snugglemuffin is getting a Banana.

Holly and are are trying Date Day Take 2 on Sunday. We're meeting up for lunch after church and then doing a movie afternoon at my apt! I'm excited, I have missed her so much! She finally found a new car so car troubles no more!!

I'm also very excited that I have Tuesday off of work! I have two Dr apts and in between them I am going to Emboz new house for lunch!! I'm bringing her Firehouse since she has never tasted the delight-fulness that is Firehouse Subs. And we're gonna hang out and play with Madi! I feel like I haven't seen baby Madi in FOREVER so I'm super excited to get to see her! And actually relax and enjoy lunch and conversation. Usually I only have an hour break so our lunches are pretty fast. I look forward to a relaxing time!

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LizzieB said...

He does like bananas, you could always do something like puffs-you know the little cereal thing? That's what I put in his this year...he also likes animal crackers, anything like that, Cheerios, etc.