Thursday, April 19, 2012


Alright, I've got to do better at this blogging thing. I don't know what my problem is lately, but I just feel like I don't have anything decent to talk about! I promise I will work my hardest to get out of this blogging slump. Thanks to the three people that still read and stick with me :)

I want a new blog design but I really don't want to pay for it. With a move coming up and trying to acquire new furniture, money can't be wasted on a blog design. But oh how I can dream...

I've felt like I have been really busy lately and after looking at my calendar I realized Indeed I have been and will continue to be. My weekends are booked up until May 18'th. I fear that I may never see some of my friends again and that the Bubbies will be headed off to college by the time I get to visit them.

I got SO excited last night when my friend Bradley put on his fb that H&M was coming to town!! There was an article up on our news channel today confirming it. I have wanted to have that store for eons and finally, FINALLY it's coming! Maybe I will start to dress better now that

I've really been struggling lately with the fact that I really didn't have a relationship with the Grandparents on my Dad's side of the family. I've seen old pictures of them recently, and I barely remember them. I know that it shouldn't bother me, as I had the most amazing Grandparents a girl could ever dream of, on my Mom's side, but I'm a little bitter over it. We have nothing to do with my Dad's side of the family, by choice, and I 150% support that choice as I see what they have turned into. But it still hurts a little bit. Seeing my parents as Grandparents now, I have to wonder why mine didn't love me the way my parents love Snugglemuffin.

All that makes me even more convinced that I want to marry a man with a strong Christian family. I want to have that great extended, loving Christian family that I never had.

Wow, this post is all over the place.

After planning to move the last weekend in July I got word that there was a townhome available the beginning of June. They couldn't hold it until the end of July, but could do the end of June. So now I am moving June 30'th! And I am *slightly* freaked out by the fact that I'm now moving in about two months. Losing a month has thrown me off! Where will I get my furniture? Will I get it in time? ACK!! 

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Jena Kay said...

These posts with random tidbits are sometimes my favorite, to write and to read. It's about getting things off your chest.

Some blog designers have free templates you can use as long as you give them credit. Mine is a free template from Designs by Dani. I have her button on my blog.