Monday, April 23, 2012

The Townhouse-Bedding

Yes, you are reading correctly, I am actually blogging about the bedding I am going to purchase for my new home. Partially so I will remember where it's at! I am planning on purchasing this set from Macy's, as soon as I actually get a Queen Sized bed. It's going to be a splurge for me, but hey,  at the age of 30 it's time to get away from bed in a bag, can I get an amen?

Slightly accidentally, my bedroom has shaped into the black, pink and lime color scheme. A few years back Mom got me a comforter with all of those colors in it, and then a year ago Katie Marie made me my fabulous picture holder, out of an old grey mirror she had. She lined with with fabric that matched those colors. Since then I have accumulated many black, pink or lime objects for my bedroom and truth be known I actually LOVE the color scheme so I'm taking it and running!

I still don't know whether I will get a black sleigh bed or not. I would love one, but we'll see. Audra my crafty crafty friend thinks we can make a white headboard so that could be cute as well! Maybe get some black night stands on each side of the bed?

On a side note, my bathroom has turned into black, white and Pink and I totally love it! I think this new bed set will work really well with my master bath!

Anyone have any decorating tips they would like to share? I am great at decorating my office, or for Holidays but I seem to struggle with my house! Now that I will have much more room than I've ever had I would really like to pull things together nicely.


Jena said...

I'm not the best at decorating either.

I love the bedspread though!

LizzieB said...

Ummm...yardsaleing? I am so going to be there in a couple of weeks, we could go looking for stuff and take your mom and B too! For the nighttands and coffee table, you could totally just paint something black and save tons of $!

Kimberly said...

I saw a bedspread at Bealls Outlet last night that had these same colors and was on clearance for $60 (from $250). You should definitely check sores like that to find a great deal :)