Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's in Your Wallet?

I love reading US Weekly's What's in your purse article, so I thought I would show you the travesty that is my purse. I actually had to clean out my purse because it was getting too heavy, and I wanted to switch from the black purse up top, to the pink one at left. So I dumped all of my purse out on the floor and was shocked by everything that was in it! Let me give you a sampling of some of the items.

All the loose pills are from a weekend home where I threw a pill bottle in my purse and the dumb thing unscrewed and dumped all over my purse.

I carry a makeup bag filled with other bottles of medicine. Yes I am a walking pharmacy.

Pink Watch for my Piano Lessons.

Notebook for my Piano Lessons.

Nasal Spray. Just keepin it real.

Two pairs of glasses.


My Cruz Android, which is very heavy!!


Card Reader.

5 pens.

3 Lip glosses.

1 Lipstick.

BeautiControl Powder.

Biofreeze for Migraines.

Contact Case.


Work Keys.

Photo Album of Snugglemuffin.

Random Paperwork from my Accident.

I am beginning to see why my purse was so heavy! 


Jena said...

I love switching purses because it forces me to clean it out.

LizzieB said...

Is your makeup bag thing a free thing you got from Target full of samples? Because I totally have that same one in my purse!

Charity said...

YES!! I have two of them as I got Mom to give me hers! I use one for my medicine and the other one for when I travel!