Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apes and Cherrybear- Reunited Again!

Friday night I ran home from work, changed, slapped about 5 pounds of makeup on my face, and fought with my hair for 35 minutes to try and straighten it into submission. Why you ask? Because I had a very important event to go to that night!!!!! And I wanted to look my very best!
I got in my truck, and drove and hour and a half, crossing state lines, to go meet up with.......
April!! We met up halfway at an Olive Garden where we enjoyed a three hour dinner where we talked almost non stop! I don't even think I ate half of my food I was just enjoying talking with her! I love that we have such a solid friendship that after we are apart we just pick up right where we left off. I am lucky to have that with my BFF Kim and Caca as well and I feel very blessed.
As you can see my hair struggled a bit but I didn't care!!
We had such a great time and had an amazing waiter who was SO nice to us, and even kept refilling our water and checking on us. He was so kind to let us stay there for three hours!
Apes requested that we dress up so I wanted to get a picture of our outfits. The front desk person snaped it before i was ready, hence the goofy look on my face but minor detail! I thought we both looked very pretty!
I just love her!!
Of course before we left we had to take a self portrait outside. You're not hanging out with Cherrybear unless there is a self portrait involved! I laughed and was heart warmed by how well we pose together!  I thought back on the many self portraits we have taken in the past few years and how many more there are to come! 
I am so thankful that God led me to my job and let me meet one of my best friends there! April is truely a life long friend and I am beyond thankful for her!  We have both learned so much and continue to grow and learn together. It's so neat to be able to see how we have changed and how God is molding us! I look forward to walking through life with her!

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