Friday, May 25, 2012

For the Love of Cows

If anyone would see the emails that go back and forth between me and my BFF Kim they would wonder about us. Yesterday we had an afternoon long conversation about the difference between Bulls, Steers, Cows and Heifers. She has a pasture by her new condo in FL (which honestly I didn't know there were many cows in FL but I digress) that holds some cows and bulls. She was calling them all Cows and I had to set her straight on that. Crazy girl refuses to talk to them despite my encouragement to do so! 

I won't tell you what she said when I offered to take her to a dairy farm and let her milk a cow. 

I guess I just have cows on the brain since I'm going home this weekend and we have some day old calves that I am looking forward to bottle feeding. I love bottle feeding calves, they are just so sweet! Mom said they liked being petted so I'm excited to love on them. Somewhere along the line I have become an animal lover. I used to be really afraid of cows when I was younger, I think because I was so short, I was afraid they would stomp on me and kill me or something. Now that I'm tall 5'9" the fear appears to be gone. 

People, Kim included! Tend to think we're a little nuts, but we treat all of our animals, cows included! as pets and family. Weird to some people, but we take good care of them.  Even if my Dad tells poor Precious how fat she is! The love for our animals is continuing on with my precious nephew. He is obsessed with cows, and one of his first words was "moo". It continues to be a favorite word of his, anytime he spots a cow he starts moo'ing. He got to visit the pasture a few weeks ago, and while I was at work and missed it, his Mommy took pictures, and that little boy has no fear! He got all up in the cows business and was ready to make friends. I was so proud of him!

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