Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Thoughts

When you- my lovely readers, read this I will be well on my way to meet up with my April for the night! If you remember she moved late last year and I have not seen her since Thanksgiving! So we made a plan to meet half way in a random town in Illinois and have an Apes and Cherrybear date at Olive Garden! I am SO excited! I have missed her so much! She decided that we are dressing up for this auspicious occasion, so I am wearing my pretty blue Easter dress and attempting to do my hair up pretty. Yeah, we'll see how THAT goes! Regardless, I hopefully will have much pictures to share next week! 

As if that wasn't enough fun for the weekend, on Saturday I am finally getting a new bed! I scored a Queen Bed on Craigslist for way less than my budget so I am more excited than you know! My Mom is picking it up and then the two of us will lug it up to my third floor apt. In other news if anyone wants a double bed, I have one for sale! ;)

I won't be getting my new Queen Bed set until I move most likely. I'm so proud of my little Frugal self because I have enough My Points to get a gift card for the store my bedding is at. So I'm going to walk away with a several hundred dollar bed set, only paying about 29.00 out of pocket. Yes, my Couponing Momma taught me well!!!!!

And last but not least, I have to blog about my precious nephew being here last weekend and the moments with him that I want to remember! Everytime I try to write about him though I get all teary and miss him so I stop writing. Soon I shall overcome my Auntie-Sappyness and put pen to paper. erm. um. well.. finger to keyboard, and tell you all the cute things he is up to these days!

Until then, Peace out Homeslice!

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