Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

I really want to wear false lashes since I have such puny lashes, which just clumped and fell out this weekend, again, grrr, but i have no clue how to put them on!  I tried once and it was a massive fail.

I have really been trying to live in the moment and not be so focused on capturing every single moment with a picture, hence the lack of photos on the blog. But I struggle when my nephew is around! On one hand I want to be present and in the moment, but on the other hand I want to get as many of him as possible since I get to see him so little. Which means I take tons of him and then realize at the last possible moment that we only have one picture together the entire weekend so I try to get a decent picture with him, and he's tired and wanting a nap, and getting a picture with a toddler is like trying to wrestle an octopus anyway.  Massive fail. Then I feel bad that we don't have a nice "Framer".

I really don't feel like I LOOK like an adult most of the time. I've tried stepping up my game and wearing, gasp, foundation under my powder. That was a big step for miss 5 minute makeup. Which btw i can still do. Just in case you're concerned I have went off the deep end.  I try to dress professional for work but man I feel like I just look thrown together all the time. I really need Stacy and Clinton to help me out.

I had to order a cell phone case for my phone as the sides are SO slippery that I keep dropping it. Sunday night I dropped my phone on my nose. Yes, I have real talent.

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