Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I started packing tonight. I realized while sitting at work I had almost a month until i move. I about panicked, so I came home after my eye apt and started packing. 10+ boxes later I'm starting to feel better about it.

Possibly because I'm hopefully roping my Mom into helping me pack my kitchen. She is a great packer. I am not. The kitchen is the hardest room for me. So many oddly shaped items. So I"m hoping she'll help me out with that.

My new place is on the way to my eye dr, so since I had a few extra minutes I pulled in and checked out where exactly I'll be at. I wasn't thrilled with the close proximity to the Village Pantry. 

I was also a bit of a creeper and got out and looked into the front room windows. The previous tenants had just moved out and the shades were open :) The living room was smaller than i thought but I liked it.

I was super excited about my mailbox being right by my door. No more tromping downstairs and running into weird people as I'm in my PJ's on the weekends!!

I have an issue with feet. Kind of a love/hate. I love baby feet. I love being barefoot. I HATE seeing other people's feet but yet I am strangely fascinated by them. Now that it's warm outside it's a non stop barrage of feet. And let me tell you, about 96% of the population needs to cut their toe nails. It's gross! Toenails are NOT supposed to be longer than your toes people. SHORTER!!!! Shorter than your toes! If you want long nails, grow your fingernails, don't be disgusting and have nasty long toenails and show it to the world. If you must be disgusting, please, wear socks.

I did learn at the eye dr that my right eye has gotten worse. He put me in a spare pair of new contacts and I have to say I could see alot sharper than before. I'm excited to see how well I can see things at work tomorrow with my new eyes.

I'm stoked because also at work tomorrow our new supply company is coming and doing a demo for us and giving out free samples. I love me some free samples. I love office supplies and I love that I get to order them. It will be a nice break to the afternoon. Now those are meetings I LIKE!!

The search for a new bed is *hopefully* winding down. I have two potential people I'm looking to buy them from on Craigslist. Hopefully by this weekend I'll be laying in luxury with some more space My pillow fort takes up a bit of space needless to say.

It will be 6 weeks tomorrow since I fell and had my head injury and concussion. And I STILL have a goose egg on the back of my head. I'm wondering if it will ever go away? It still hurts! I had to tell my Eye Dr about it, so he had to do some special eye tests to check on things. He asked me if I was seeing lightening bolts of light, and told me to let him know if I was.  Well I wasn't but I was after he shined all of the lights of Lafayette into my eyes. I refrained from mentioning that to him though.

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Jena said...

You know what I hate more than packing?


Good luck with your move!!