Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mid Week Confessions!

Monday I used the electronic pencil sharpener in our office to sharpen my eye brow pencil (makeup) from home since I packed basically everything in my home.

It worked so well I contemplated getting my own instead of a wussy makeup sharpener.

Not gonna lie, later in the day I used a paper clip to get something out of my tooth. (Right now would be where My Mom would say that's the reason she carries floss with her at all times.. yeaaah..)

I am completely in love with these shoes! Flip Flops, Bows, and Glitter. I am in HEAVEN!!

Our suite holds around 30 offices. Two of those and held by people not in our division, because of space issues. The problem is, that one of the offices gets visited by an Adjunct who looks almost identical to one of our adjuncts. So whenever either of them walk into our office, to enter the suite, neither of us know which person it is. The Real Adjunct, or Not Adjunct. (adjunct substituted for real name) 

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME either of them walk in, it's a struggle to figure out which person it is. the real one or the not one. Next time either of them come in I want to ask him if he has a twin, or siblings. I wish I could have a picture to show how stinking much these two people look alike!


Princess Kate said...

That's funny about the "adjuncts" and I love your flip flops too.

Ashley said...

I love how you sharpened your makeup at work. Awesome. :)