Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving Woes: Why I smell and am hungry for cereal

In the absence of interesting things to blog about here is a peek into my getting ready to move stressful life:

I woke up early, again, so I finally got up and went to go get in the shower. I went to turn the water on and realized all of my shampoo, conditioner, ect was gone. (mom had been there packing that day) so I assume she has for some reason packed my stuff up. After all she’d already packed up my sneakers for the move which I have yet to find. She informed me she'd put them in a box somewhere. Do you know how many boxes I have in my apt??

So I go to my room and get my glasses so I can see and proceed to search around for 7 minutes for my stuff. NOTHING. Finally I find one lone shampoo under my sink, that I had swapped out because the pump didn’t work. it’s horrible when I don’t use conditioner but I figured I was just going to have to make do as I had wasted enough time allready.

So I get in the shower and pull the curtain back that she had pushed all to the end and bunched up and voila there was my shower stuff. lovely.

I get out of the shower and decide when I’m doing my hair that I’m going to spray some hairspray on it while I dry it to try and make it a bit more defined. I was flipping my hair to the side when I hit my head on my bathroom door. my head came up, I met my reflection in the mirror and said really? Really now!!

Finally I’m done in the bathroom and I go to my living room and check my email, fb, blogs, ect. 10 minutes before I have to leave I go to get a bowl of cereal.

One problem.

I have no bowls.



All I have are paper plates. And utensils. Oh yes I had spoons a plenty, but no bowls.

Finally I found a rectangular Tupperware container and put my frosted mini wheats in that and ate.

It was a rough morning.

I can’t wait to be moved and not live out of boxes.

Needless to say, this morning I stopped at Big Apple for a bagel.

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