Friday, July 6, 2012

4'th of July

 The 4'th of July I headed over to Emboz' House to watch Baby Madi with Jboz! Madi took a huge nap so we were left to our own devices while she napped. We attempted to watch tv but they have this massive system and after spending over 30 minutes on it, i kid you not, we finally gave up!

 So we snuggled into their comfy couches and just hung out and chatted while the Madster slept away. Here she is right after she woke up. Not quite awake yet but Auntie Beans  and Auntie Cherry wanted to play with her! Alas that was not to happen as her parents walked int he door 3 minutes after this picture was taken.
 I straighted my hair for the 4'th and man oh man was my right arm sore!!
 Love these gals, and that cheesy little face! She is SUCH a character! She gave Aunt Beans her dirty look/mad face as well so I didn't feel so bad that she gave it to me the week before :)
 How can you not love this little goober??
 Me and my Jboz! We had a good time together!!
My 4'th outfit.  My flip flops were red white and blue, not that you can tell!

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