Monday, July 9, 2012

The Townhouse- A List

I like lists. I love them actually. So in my list loving spirit, I shall make a blog list of what I love about my new place and will not miss from my old!

1. The Geese.  Or lack thereof. I am so glad that I can safely go to and from my house everyday without getting attacked by geese.

2. The Stairs. Or lack thereof. I LOVE that I can walk right into my house and don't have to climb sets of stairs to get there.

3. Grocery shopping. Is much more fun now that I don't have to look at every product and Gage how heavy it's going to be carrying up to the 3rd floor. 

4. Silence. Sweet. Blessed. Silence.

5. The closeness to Target. I'm not sure my bank is going to agree with me on this one, but I love living so close to Target and other stores. Saturday night my wireless usb card broke and within 15 mins i had went to target, bought a new one, and came back. Love it!

6. The lack of traffic on Creasy every morning. It actually takes me less time to get to work in the mornings!

7. Mailbox. Now instead of having to throw on clothes appropriate for neighbors seeing you on the weekend, I can merely crack open my front door and stick my arm into my mailbox to retrieve my beloved weekend magazines.

8. The House aspect. Yes it is a townhouse that is attached to a few others, but having it be two floors and so many more rooms and space really give me that house feeling that I have been lacking for years.

9. The Dishwasher. It works! and boy does it work! I love it! And I love not having to wash my dishes. Oh it makes me a happy, happy girl!!

10. Sonic and Starbucks. I pass them on my morning drive to work.

11. Firehouse subs, I pass them on my way home :) Are you sensing a trend here??

12. My Piano. I am so so SO happy to finally have my piano home with me! It's a great feeling! I am ready to start playing and learning again and strengthen my skills which have lacked in the past years of not living with my piano. My baby is home again!

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