Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Townhouse Tour- Master Bath

 This is the view looking into the Master Bath from the hallway.
 Standing right at the door in the hallway.
 I really love that I have a bigger sink and room to spread out. I know I have alot of makeup stuff on my shelf, I need something to organize all of it.
 I was so proud of myself for finding a picture at Menards of all places, that matched my bathroom. I felt like I had really made it into Grown up world, having art work in my bathroom!
 I like the bigger mirror as well. Helpful in the mornings since I haven't found a place to put my long mirror. Side note: this is the view from my entrance to the bathroom from my bedroom.

Direct from my door to the bathroom. Again, I love my picture. I might have to go back to Menards and see if they have another one to put in my downstairs half bath. It is sadly lacking i decoration. I have a matching pink rug like the one pictured above, but that's about it.

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Natasha said...

What a unique shower curtain!

Can you tell I'm behind on reading the SUYL posts? And I'm interested (or obsessed!) enough to want to read every single one?!?!