Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Townhouse Tour- Piano Studio!!!

 MY beauty! I have been hoping and dreaming for this for years now. To go from playing the piano everyday for over 10+ years to only being able to play it when I go home to my parents. It's SO wonderful to have it here now and finally have a space to teach my students!
 I have not yet found all of my Piano Books I know I have some boxes floating around somewhere, thanks to my former Piano Teacher, Dr Egan, sharing his library with me. Once I find them my bookshelves will be full!!!
 This is just the perfect space for my Piano. I have a nice ceiling fan to cool me off when I get indepth into a song, it's just perfect. I couldn't have dreamt anything better! Well unless we're talking a Baby Grand... :)
 Audie made me this wonderful sign back for my birthday several months ago and I had been just waiting to have my piano and hang it up. It looks perfect. And that is my FAVORITE hymn!
 I've had this sign for years just waiting for the perfect space to hang it.
On top of my piano I have my clock of course, and next to it is a picture of me as a 1 1/2 year old "playing" my old piano. It really meant alot to me to find that picture and have it displayed in my studio where I teach my students. Music was in my heart and a passion from an early early age and that is what I want to instill in them. Something that will stick with them all throughout life. A joy and a passion that will stay with them no matter where they go or what they end up becoming later in life.

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