Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekly Randoms

  • I'm attempting to blog regularly this fall, so bare with me as I get into a new swing of blogging, at first it's going to be a lot of randoms!
  • I am so excited for our Women's Bible Study to Start! SO EXCITED!!!! I kind of haven't known what to do with myself all summer long not meeting with the ladies and studying the Word together.
  • I feel like I need a Curly Hair Support group. Kind of like AA..... Someone needs to teach me how to tame this mess of craziness because what I'm doing is NOT working! I promise I really do attempt to style my hair in the morning. Despite what it looks like.....
  • If you haven't went to Jordy's Blog and read my post on changes, you need to do so, Pronto! I explained all of the BIG changes going on in my life right now. For someone who hates change it's been quite interesting. 
  • I had my exit interview at work today and have two more days left in the office. I don't think it has sunk in that on Monday I won't be driving to campus and fighting all of the traffic and students. 
  • A new era is beginning in my life! It's exciting and scary at the same time. I absolutely LOVE teaching music, so I'm excited to do more of that and see my students grow.
  • I'm starting plans for a Recital next spring. I'm already nervous for my students performing in public for the first time! I think they will do great though. I can't believe that I'M the adult and teacher leading it! I can remember all the recitals I had to do growing up. Doesn't seem real that I'm old enough and mature enough to be the leader! 
  • Speaking of old, my sweet snugglemuffin nephew is turning 2 in December. 2!!! I cannot believe it. He's way too big! He needs to stay little and adorable forever! Well i'm sure he'll always be adorable! ;) at least to me as his Auntie!
  • Caca's dog Milo knows me as Auntie Charity. Which I think is hilarious because Audra's Dog knows me as Miss Charity. My friends teaching their dogs manners cracks me up!!!!
  • I tried not to have Coke this morning and had a fruit drink instead. I know, super healthy. I was all fine and dandy until about 1:30 when i could NOT stop yawning. The lack of caffeine had me wanting to crawl under my desk and take a long, long nap.
  • And thanks to the lack of caffeine my brain has now stopped so we are at the end of this list.

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