Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween @ Work- Picture Overload!!

 We went a little crazy taking pictures at work on Halloween. I have way more than this, but I'm sparing ya'll!! Here is Minnie and A Fairy!!
 Fairy Life is Dangerous apparently!
 I thought the Samster's spider hat looked like a fascinator. She would have fit right in at the royal wedding!
 We all know I love a good self portrait!
 Fairy at work!!
 My girls!!
 This picture just makes me laugh!
 Trying for an artsy shot.
 My eyes changed color that day, for some reason they were really dark? Weird, I usually have light blue eyes. Must have been all the black on my face!!
 Again, I LOVE self portraits!!
 Kayla tamed my curls into Minnie ringlets and sprayed on glitter hairspray. I was in LOVE!!
And for Bergs. Because she loves my pictures in the bathrooms :)

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