Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meet Arizbel!

Last week the moment I had been waiting for FINALLY arrived!!! Muy Caliente finally had her baby girl! Meet Arizbel! Isn't she gorgeous? I Mean look at that HAIR!!!!!!!!! I loved cuddling her in her little blankie, she was light as a feather!
She was just soooooo sweet! She also pooped while I was holding her, which seems to be the norm. Everytime I hold a baby, they are perfectly content and then they poop. I'm not sure if it's a gift but it always happens!
Arizbel and Auntie Cherry's first self portrait!  She is just SUCH a sweetheart! It was really hard for me to tear myself away! Her Daddy came into the room, took one look at me snuggling her and said, You're ready to have your own aren't you? Very Perceptive Carlos! And very true! Until then I am going to steal all of the snuggles I can with this little angel!

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