Saturday, September 14, 2013

I like free. I like cheese. #choosesargentocheese

 We all know I like free. I am my Mother's Daughter after all! I also like cheese. I actually like cheese A LOT. So imagine my excitement when I qualified for INFLUENSTER's #choosesargentocheese VoxBox!!

I emailed Audra that I was crazy excited that I was getting free cheese and a free cheese accessory. She thought I was nuts. Pretty sure that's not the first or last time she will think that either!

When I received the email that my box had shipped I legit did a happy dance on my couch. I waited and waited for my box to come, I was seriously dying to know what on earth a "cheese accessory" was! Lo and behold.. On one of my 7 student Fridays (which is why i'm in glasses and looking rough in the picture above) my box arrived!! I hurried to open it up before I headed into a two hour block of teaching.
I had a coupon for a free sargento cheese product of my choice. A coupon for a 1.00 off any sargento cheese product and drum roll please... my cheese accessory!! Which turned out to be a tiny little thermal for a pack of string cheese! Not going to lie, I laughed. It was so funny! But so cute! I actually even used it! We started our women's bible study this week and I did not know if there would be breakfast there, so I packed my string cheese thermal and a banana in my purse. I don't think it would hold all day. I ate it about 2.5 hours after I put it in and it was a little warm. But I didn't die from it so it was all good!

As soon as I finished with the two hour block of teaching I hauled myself over to Target (Payless is too ghetto to shop at night on my side of town) to pick up some cheese!!!  I chose the string cheese that was part skim mozzarella, one of my faves! for the free item. And then I lucked out as their thin slices of provolone were actually on sale for 2.54! I was able to use my 1.00 coupon on that!  Really the level of excitement over my free and almost free cheese was a bid ridiculous.

Since then I have snacked on a string cheese almost every day. It makes such a perfect quick snack and a healthy option. I've used the thin sliced provolone several times to make grilled provolone and tomato wheat sandwiches for lunch and for dinner. Quick, easy, but yet healthy!

So to recap. Influenster gave me free Sargento Cheese and it was pretty much awesome!! #choosesargentocheese #youwilllikeit #superyummy #abuseofhashtags

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