Monday, September 23, 2013

life lately

Well I *was* doing good at posting frequently! I wish I could say that I have been doing something fabulously exciting, but alas no! Life has been good though! My Fall schedule is still getting the kinks worked out of it, but It is slowly calming down to a new normal.

My new Bible Study started a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it! It takes alot now to get me out of bed at 7:30 in the morning, but studying Malachi with lisa harper and my hopefully new friends at church is a pretty good motivator! I knew it was going to be a great study when every single one of us cried the first week. I think I am going to start wearing my glasses to bible study and just accept the fact that we're going to cry and not have to worry about losing my contacts!

You think I am kidding, but I am dead serious. Sunday at the end of our church service we had this amazingly powerful time and there was not a dry eye in the place. It was wonderful. Except for the fact that I was furiously blinking trying to keep my contacts in my eyes lest I loose them in the darkness and not be able to see to drive home. Granted it's a short drive, but I am blind as a bat without contacts/glasses.

Speaking of how short a drive it is. Let's just count this as my midweek confession. I was ready for church 30 mins early on Sunday, and yet I still managed to walk into the building when they were starting to sing the first song. Hence how I ended up sitting alone. I live 3 minutes away from church. And yet I was late!! Pathetic.

Also pathetic is the fact that I have been very worried that I have a bug infestation the past few weeks I have found some HUGE bugs in my kitchen and piano studio. I was getting so worried that somehow I had something grody in my house and it was being over taken by bugs. I have been really trying to have a super clean house, I have vacuumed and washed dishes more frequently in the past few months than I ever have! So i was very upset over this!

I came across another bug today and it wasn't moving so I decided to snap a picture of it and poll my fb friends to see if they could tell me what it was. I was half scared it was going to be some sort of bug that only comes in dirty people's homes and eats food that is behind the fridge or something, but I posted it anyway.


It was a cricket.


I was relieved and slightly stupid feeling at that revelation.

The good news is at least I am not a super dirty person with gross bugs running around.

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lori said...

We always seem to be late to church, too... And that was pre baby, so I'm sure we will really be late when we bring carter!