Saturday, October 12, 2013

Madi is 3!!!!!

 I am in denial that Madi is 3. It cannot be 3 years since we were terrorizing the halls of St E and scaring little medical students, while telling Emboz that she needed to push Madi out in the next hour because Jboz and I both had to get up early for work the next morning. (Are we good friends or what?! Regardless of my denial, we still partied it up tonight!

Do not be fooled by our sweet smiles in the picture above. Right after we took this B.A. said something that warded her a smack from Minnie Mouse. I did not realize that Minnie's bow was actually a box, a hard box, to make her bow light up. So I heard this CRACK when I thumped it on B.A's head! I felt sooo bad!!! She did not cry but I wanted to for her! It sounded like it HURT!!

 Jboz and her niece in the photo booth!!
 Such a cute lil stinker!
 Uncle Dan wrapped the Madi's present with bubble wrap. That's right, bubble wrap. I think the most disturbing part of this is when he was telling me about it and I asked him if he had used duct tape to tape it with, and he looked at me like I was a crazy person! Because using duct tape on a bubble tape wrapped present is clearly just insane..
It took some extra help to get it open.
And some time.
Mads giving out hugs and kisses!
Madi and her Bunna. So swet!
This cracked me up! A little boy was crying and Madi stopped and looked at him with the most confused expression on her face! hahah
Dancing on the bubble wrap!
Singing Happy Birthday!
She was so serious, it was precious!
Blow hard!!!
YAY! It was cute how proud she was of herself!
And immediately she went face first into the icing. That's my girl!!
Best.Picture.Of.The.Night. I didn't notice this until I got home and I laughed and laughed and laughed!
I would just like to say that my belt was higher but it kept falling off. So it looked much cooler when it was in the right place! Other than that I love my girls!!!!
Bunny doing Bunny signs. Of course. Notice how I have a necklace on here.?
And that it's gone here? (As well as my neck apparently) I was holding Madi for a picture and she ripped my Minnie necklace off and threw it in the grass!! I was shocked and outraged as you can clearly see! Notice how she is laughing. Thanks Mads.
This may look like a sweet picture but she was slapping my cheeks. She is really into doing that to me lately. Everytime I see her she grabs my cheeks and then hits them! And laughs.
I love this goober. Happy 3'rd Birthday Madi Girl!! Auntie Cherry loves you!!!

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lori said...

aww, such a cutie! they grow up SO fast... my oldest niece is almost 6, and i cannot believe it!