Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#BoilerUP #PrayforPurdue

Y'all. I'm not even sure where to begin today. .

I kind of feel like I have felt every emotion all in the span of one afternoon.

Around noon I was in my bedroom getting ready for the day and my first lesson. My phone started going off with text after text. I checked it and was shocked (to say the least) to see that there was a shooting at Purdue and the campus was on lockdown.

I know everyone says it, but you really don't expect things like this to happen where you live. Where you've worked. Where your brother went to school, where you spent hours upon hours in Mackey Arena cheering on the women's basketball team, where your friends work, where your students work and attend. It just doesn't happen. At least it shouldn't.

At first I didn't realize the scope of it. I was emailing Audra to make sure her husband was ok and not near the event. I was thinking it was scary but thank goodness no one I knew was in the EE building.

Until it hit me.

Someone I know, and love is in that building.

I can't describe the terror that shot through every nerve ending in my body when I realized B. was inside the EE building. I started shaking and could barely get my fingers to text my Mom to tell her to pray and alert my other friends.

I can say I am SO thankful for technology, I took a chance and tried texting B with my still shaking fingers to see if she would or even could respond. 

It felt like a lifetime until I heard that ringtone go off and I knew it was her. Tears immediately started streaming down my face and all I could say was Thank you Jesus, Thank You JESUS!! In fact, that Is actually what I texted her!  She was hiding in her office and not able to make any noise but she was still able to text! 

I was glad to know to she safe but I really didn't take a deep breath until I knew that she was out of lockdown and out of the building a few hours later.

Thankfully my student who works there, and my friend's husband were both safe and sound and not near the event.

I really don't have anything perfect to say to wrap this up. I'm still processing what happened and that it happened here. Here in my town. My home. I leave you with this...

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