Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#Choosejoy #JoyGivers365 Week 2

Y'all! I have something super super exciting to share for Week 2!! of our #ChooseJoy #JoyGivers365

Last week our Pastor sent out an email that we wouldn't want to miss Sunday services, that something was going to be done that has rarely, if ever happened in church! Well my curiosity was piqued! I shared it with my friend Audra who attends a different church, and we both could not figure out what was going to happen!

Sunday morning I got up, and at that point had watched a few to many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix the day before (Yes, I lead a wild and crazy single life!!) So I was convinced someone was going to get engaged during the service. Lest you think this is a super weird idea, ok well maybe it was! But growing up I pretty much lived at church. Being the romantic dreamer that I was (am) I had this glorious image of sitting in the choir loft and having my one true love come and propose during the service.

Yes, I was a strange child.

I digress.

Well at the very end of our sermon, the ushers came and every adult got an envelope. We opened them up to discover money inside, from 10-50 dollars!  But there was a catch! It wasn't ours! Pastor Steve then challenged us to take this money and be stewards of good. To use it to bless someone and make a difference.

Click Here and select the Message from 1-12-14

Me posing with my envelope and money. I was a little excited!

He told us to go home and pray about what God would have us to do with this money. 

I left church and stopped at Payless to get a few items I needed for lunch. While I was there I was thinking about what I could do. Should I pay for someone's groceries? Should I give it to someone in the parking lot? None of those hit my heart, so I went home, and within an HOUR I had an answer. I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with my money!

So I got out my notebook and pen and started making a list of everything I would need to plan and pull off this blessing.

Oh what's that? You can't see any details? You just have to wait and stay tuned to see what I have planned!

Our church was even featured on the local news! Click here for the story.

 In the meantime I hope you all are finding how to #ChooseJoy in your daily life amidst struggles and trials. I am thankful that God has been working on this in my life, and that I'm doing this year long challenge.  It has come at the perfect time as there are some hard things going on in my family right now, but being able to see God's blessings, and LOOK for his blessings in them makes a huge difference. I can't imagine a life without my Savior, my Solid Rock being there with me every step of the way.

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