Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week of Pink!

 Everyone who has ever worked with me is going to be shocked by this. BUT, for the first year since I was a child, I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day! That's right! No more wearing all black! Yes, I was one of THOSE people! I remember when I worked at the Tax office during college, my coworkers would always get me to break out of my black for Valentine's Day but i refused to. Well to make up for lost time, I decided to have a WEEK OF PINK!! Go big or go home!
 So we started off with Monday, I wasn't feeling so great, so I'm sporting my pink glasses, a comfy sweater, and I threw on my scarf and a sparkly headband to actually look like I tried to look decent.
 Tuesday my antibiotics were kicking in, so I looked much better! ha!
 My shirt has a really cool knot on it that you can slightly see in the right hand corner of the picture. It was a 3.00 find from a RARE trip to Walmart last summer! 
Jeans, and my cowboy boots. They are soooo comfy, however I feel like I look like Tigger when I walk in them. The heels have some bounce to them to say they least. And I walk fast.

 Wednesday, Pink Weds! Whoo!!! Is also apparently the day I wear a skirt. I usually have no wear to be, so I'm inside teaching all day, and rain or shine, snow or more snow, I can wear a skirt and tights and have it be freezing cold outside! I like this!
 I also LOVED the sun coming in!!! It's sooo nice to have the sunlight in the studio, warming it up, and bringing some cheer to our over winter hearts!
 I really struggle with what to do with my hands when I sit at the piano for pics.

Thursday. OH Thursday. My hair. My poor, huge hair! I texted this pic to Audie and told her it was a good thing it wasn't sunday or I would have to sit in the back of church so people could see. My hair was large and not so much in charge! More like out of control! Thankfully I'm getting a haircut soon. This mess needs thinned out!!
 Needless to say, I couldn't take it. My hair kept getting stuck in my sweater and I feel like I was suffocating and being strangled. I grabbed two hair clips and shoved it up. Not so cute from the back, but..
 Kinda cute from the front!!!!!! And yes, this is my normal spot where I teach. In my chair, on the right side of the piano and right next to the window. And yes, I have two fans there.
 Friday It was VALENTINE'S DAY!! And really the best I have had in over 15 years! More about that later! I really liked my socks. Random, I know. They are knee high, and while I spare you from a picture of that, i had to show this. Pink and Red stripes! The top of them had more stripes and then a cupid!
My getting ready pic. Please excuse the fact that I'm cleaning my bedroom.

 If I always look like I'm laughing in the pics by the Piano.. It's because I am! ha! Trying to not to a fake, weird smile, and look happy and pleasant. So awkward that it cracks me up! #doesnttakemuch
 Had to get in a shot of my festive socks. Also, can we just take a minute to acknowledge I am wearing a belt?!

I do like taking pictures by the windows. Natural light makes me look better! And it makes my eyes pop out. I will spare you the outtakes of me standing too close to the patio door and being blinded. #awkwardsauce

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