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#ChooseJoy #Joygivers365 Week 28- Mouser and a Toilet in the Front Yard

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I'm not sure what I'm going to do when these are successful.

How I sit to watch tv when there are mice on the loose.

Reasons why my mom is the BEST mom in the entire world. Man do I love her!!!

Charity Hendress
Infestation Update: After a night filled with very little sleep, I put on closed toed shoes (while wishing my snow boots weren't packed away) grabbed my broom and dustpan and mustered up the nerve to go in the kitchen and see what awaited me in the traps.

Nothing. No success trapping the little buggers. 

Found two droppings on the counter so they were out.

Today I am putting out poison, more mouse traps, and we sealed up an area that they might have been getting in outside. Mom blessedly brought me the grabber thingy (pictured in previous post) so when I do catch them I will not have to touch or get close!!

Your time is coming little mousies.. Don't get too comfortable here. Prepare to meet your maker!!!!!

Charity Hendress
Today is going from bad to worse.

My toilet overflowed after I took a shower this afternoon. Landlord and worker are here now, and he just blew the seal on the bottom of the toilet so my bathroom is flooded for the 2'nd time today.

If y'all could pray that they could successfully fix my toilet and shower TONIGHT, I would greatly appreciate it!

(My toilet has been bubbling when I shower, and when i wash my laundry. Shower has filled up with water and yucky stuff when I've done laundry this week)

Charity Hendress

I have become the person that I used to take pictures of and mock.#notoiletisntfunny #peeinginthefrontyard #justkiddingdad

Charity Hendress

The screams and shrieks all of the United States of America just heard were from the stupid mouse running across my kitchen floor, up to my long counter, and then along my long counter. I started to type this update and it came out again. Sweet Nibbletts I can't take this!!!!!

The mouse ATE the pb on the trap and the trap did not go off!!!!

Hoping he ate some poison otherwise I am doomed.

Oh mouser! Your dinner is ready! Specially made pb with some yummy crushed up poison!

Charity Hendress
This Old House Update:

After 18+hours of no toilet, the Plumber successfully cleared the block yesterday!! I could have hugged him. And can I just say that I hate how McDonalds only has air dryers to dry your hands instead of towels.

The Mouser, yes, I named him, is still alive. Somehow he is eluding my traps. Tonight I made a delicious dinner of mixed peanut butter and crushed up poison which he will hopefully eat.

Thankfully I have not seen him in person since Friday night. This could partially be because every time i enter the kitchen I announce myself, and carry on a loud conversation with him.

I am thankful that I am in a house now, and not sharing apt walls with anyone to hear my conversations with Mouser.

Charity Hendress


Mouser ate ALL of the poison pb!!!!!

Today is a GOOD 

Mouser:0 Cherrybear:10

And then finally, one week after I discovered his presence...

I GOT THE MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And because I am very proud of myself, I must share HOW i found and disposed of him.

Earlier in the morning I had heard a rustling noise. I knew it was Mouser but was unsure of where he was. He has only been in the kitchen and going back and forth between the furnace room (which the wall is open to under my kitchen sink) and the laundry room. Furthermore, I hadn't heard rustling from him before. I wasn't quite sure what he was in to. I looked around before my shower and couldn't find him. So I took a very quick shower, with my 3 ft grabber thingy right beside me in case he tried to attack while I was bathing.

After I got ready I didn't heard anything, and sat down on my couch to watch some tv before my first student of the day arrived.

And then I heard it. More Rustling. I grabbed my grabber and went off to investigate. Nothing in the laundry room, but wait. The sound was coming from the PIANO ROOM. Horror, fear and a mix of nausea are in my heart. I had a bad feeling that I knew exactly where he was in the Piano room. Rustling could only come from the trash can (which was empty btw) I tip toed in there, peeked in, and saw a dark blob in the can. Could that be? yes, yes it is. Mouser was IN My trash can!! I shrieked like a little girl!

I knew I had to get him out of the house and FAST, before he climbed out of the can, I ran into my living room and unlocked my door quickly, ran back into the piano room and stood as far away as possible while I used my grabber to grab hold of the trash can. Once I had it, I ran (also like a little girl) outside and along my truck to the city trash can opened it and threw the  mouse, and my little trash can all in. I slammed the lid down and made sure it was nice and secure. My hands and whole body were shaking and my heart was racing so fast I felt like I had ran a marathon. I couldn't believe that stupid mouse had been in my trash can!

I'm assuming that he couldn't get out, since he was in there for so long and just sat there when i was shrieking and transporting him. He had eaten a HUGE amount of the poison I left out for him on Sunday night, and kept snacking on the loose poison that has still been out. SO I think he was not feeling so well. 

I am BEYOND relieved to have him out of my house! I am hoping there are no others, but if there are they will be dying soon as well since all the mouse poop i've seen has been D-Con Green. Gross, I know.

I had told myself I was going to #ChooseJoy when he died and the horrible stench came to my house. I am very relieved that God blessed me with not having to smell that!

I hate mice. HATE them. They scare me for some unknown reason and I just feel sick when I see, hear, think of one. Having a mouse take over my kitchen and feel like it was taking over my house this past week has been terrible.  I didn't think I'd be able to handle it but I did! All Thanks and Glory goes to God! He cares about everything, even my silly fear of mice!

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