Monday, October 27, 2014

A whole lot of random... You're Welcome.

 Earlier this (last) week I actually had contacts in, which is rare these days, So I snapped a few pics of my festive non four eyed look.
 And posed with my door sign. Which is super cute.
 I'm trying to find a way to make this not sound odd, but I'm not having any luck! For the past year or so, I've been using Opinion Outpost, which i highly recommend, to earn "fun money" basically. (Cough, Sephora Favorites Gift Sets, Cough)

 Once in awhile after doing a survey I will get asked if I want to do further questioning or try out a product. Of course I always say yes! I have made several hundred dollars (outside of what I earn on OO!) saying yes, and who am I to turn down free items? So after doing a survey that asked me if I'd like to try out some Pillsbury biscuits, I said yes, and a week later the UPS man showed up at my door with a cold box holding a can of biscuits. I was excited to say the least.

Referral Link if you to want to earn money while watching tv. ;) 

 Anywho, The sad thing is I was almost more excited about the cold packs. I ice my back ALOT, #oldladyproblems and these ice packs stay frozen forever. yes, I really just typed a whole sentence about my love for the ice packs in my biscuit package. This might be why I am single.
 And the biscuits? they were REALLY good!!
 I've had a sinus and ear infection for over a month, Coke Floats have become a staple in my house.
 Wear. All. The. Leopard.
 I'm pretty sure this is what Heaven will be like. Laying on the couch under a cozy blankie, with my red lamp and halloween lights on. And Criminal minds on Netflix.
 While I was in Michaels last week I saw these ADORABLE little shoes and boots! I about died of the cuteness!! Can't wait for Baby B to get here! He or She is getting a pair!! #wishtheyhadthepinkinmysize
 One of my students had a birthday and I knew she was getting a Piano so I wanted to make some art work she could hang above it. I came up with this treble clef, and while it was not my best work thanks to some glue issues, she thought it was really cute and that's all that matters!
 1. yes I wrapped her present in valentines day wrapping paper, it was the only one i could find! 2. i am the worst wrapper on the history of the planet. my presents frequently do not have enough paper. bless my heart.
 When going through my Grams cards I found this card that my Mom had filled out for my then 3 yr old brother to give to my Grandparents for Valentines day. notice it says "Sister or ? " They didn't know what gender I was and actually thought I was a boy! The other interesting thing is that my due date was actually Valentines day! but I didn't make my grand appearance until almost 2 weeks later. #imsorrymom
 Once I was on the outside my spelling skills lacked. A lot.
 I would like to think I made up for my weirdness with my good heart?
At least I was cute.!

 I mean stop. Look at those blonde curls!!!!

 Still curls, not so much blonde.
This is what happens when I am early on Tuesday afternoons. I stop at the Igloo to burn some time and treat myself to a vanilla marshmallow coke. Sounds disgusting but is oh, SO yummy!!

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