Friday, October 3, 2014

And now, in no particular order...

Is it Miss America that uses that phrase before announcing the top 10? Who knows! But for whatever reason, lack of caffeine possibly, that phrase is stuck in my mind. So now in no particular order here are some random snap shots of the past month!

 I love that my house has a large window in the living room. It makes for great people/neighborhood watching while I'm waiting for students. Remember this when you get to the bottom of this post.
 One day some stranger with straight hair stole my phone and took pictures of herself! Oh wait, that was me. I cut my hair too short and decided to straighten it so people would be distracted by that and not the shortness.
 Another day (before the hairs cutting) I  resembled a Duggar. Just call me Jarity!!
 One of my students went on vacation and gave me this ADORABLE little Cherrybear Cherry Honey!! Isn't that the cutest thing ever?! I about died! I mixed it with butter and it's sooo yummy on my toast and bagels!
 Sept 11. I basically looked like an American Flag, but I wanted to be loud and proud for my country on that day!
 I have been wearing my glasses quite frequently as of late. Between my allergies and being on my last pair of contacts, 4 eyes is where it's at!
 Cubbie came over one night for dinner! We weren't twins since my hair was straight, but I think he still loved me :)
 He brought his Mommy Audie with him as well!
 While I was finishing up dinner, Cubbie was looking out the kitchen door at my backyard and went CRAZY when he saw my huge unknown animal that has been lurking around. Audie and I both may have shrieked a little bit when it got a little too close to the patio for comfort! After some googling it was determined that I have a very LARGE Groundhog. My Mom suggested sprinkling pepper around my shed and patio, as animals don't like pepper (gets in their eyes) so the next day that is exactly what I did!
 Earlier this week I had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting on my couch and I kept hearing a weird noise through my opened living room window, and out of the corner of my glasses i could see a flash of something. It was in the morning on a school day, so there shouldn't have been kids around. I finally skulked over to the door when i heard the noise and saw this HUGE bird out in the road, eating what I sincerely hope and pray was one of the bunnies that also terrorizes my back yard.
I tried to get a better picture of him, but he had excellent hearing! I snapped this as he was flying away. He hung out there all day long, and was still flying about when one of my evening students arrived for her lesson. Needless to say she BOOKED it out of my house and into her parents van!

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