Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This Ol' House- Bedroom Tour

 I feel awkward just typing the name of this post, but what else do you call a post on your bedroom? My bedroom is finally coming together! Last week I sold my big black dresser and was able to move in my Grams dresser that she had left to me. I can't tell you how excited I am to have it! I have many memories of trying on her jewelry and the bright lipstick that she loved, while in front of this dresser. It's funny, as much as she was a tomboy, she loved jewelry and super bright lipstick!
 This is looking in from the doorway and the hall.
 I love this dresser!
 Please excuse the mess on top of my cabinet. Mental note to self, make sure the stuff you're hiding in your pics isn't reflected in the mirror.
 Things I love: Nail polish (don't worry I have more than that!) and scarves.
 My SIL gave me this cute little ottoman a while back. I can sit on it in front of my dresser!

 This glass thingy was my Grams as well. And the tallest perfume on the back left was hers. I don't wear it, but it's there for memories.
 Actually all of the glass items on my dresser were hers! She was fancy!
 Now that it's getting colder outside, I need more light in my bedroom to warm it up. I impressed myself when I used my power drill to use a drill bit to make a hole for the curtain holder, and then I screwed it in! I do love my power drill!
 My curtain ties are actually just fabric ribbon that a friend had given me a few years ago, but they match my pink accented bedroom perfectly!
 I have a necklace holder on the back of my door for all of my larger necklaces, but found that my smaller ones were getting tangled in it. Enter in this fabulous little thing that my momma made me! #sheiscraftyandthensome
This hangs right by the lights and switches when you enter my room, and right along side my dresser.

 Some people are really great at arranging pillows in a decorative manner and looking all fancy. I am not one of those people. This is the best I've got and yes, it struggles.

My Mom is making me a black dust ruffle for my bed. I have a super tall bed, so I can store things underneath. My house is not big on lots of closet space, so storage is key!

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