Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Day in the Life-Summer 2015

I have seen many day in the life posts on the blogs I read and have always wanted to do my own but figured they were just for people with kids. But last week I saw a single girl post one and I thought hey, if she can do it, so can I! Who knows how exciting this day will be :) but I tried to pick a busy one so that I would have lots to write about. And lots I did. I filled up 3 1/5 pages in my notebook of my day. It was slightly awkward to take pictures of everything, so not everything has a picture! Shocking, I know. 

So here is a day in the life of this Piano Teacher, Summer of 2015!

8:25 am. It's Monday morning and my alarm goes off. I groan a little bit, but turn it off, and grab my tablet to check email and fb while I convince myself to get out of bed.

8:40 am. I finally convinced myself :) I get out of bed, and take my morning medicines.

8:50 Normally I get up and move around for a bit before I take a shower, but today I have somewhere to be in the late morning, and my hair needs to air dry for a bit. So I hop in the shower.

9:00 am Shower helped me wake up. I put my hair in a towel, brush my teeth and head to my bedroom to get dressed.

I leave my hair in the towel for a little bit and then go detangle, comb, and put product on. Then back to my bedroom to spray it with hairspray (helps with the frizz as it dries) and pull back the front with clips.

 I grab my makeup and put it on in the hallway. Better lighting than my bedroom.
 9:25 am, Dressed. Makeup is on, I put my glasses on and I head to the living room and grab my laptop.

9:27, Time to check the blog world! I pull up blogger and instantly see that a lady I have read about who has been fighting cancer, passed away. She leaves behind a husband and two small kids. It makes me really sad to read about her passing. Cancer is still a very touchy subject for me. I stop and pray for her family.

9:55 I realize I forgot to take my mid morning medicine, I run off to the bedroom to get it. I have to take it before I eat my Breakfast.

10:01 I have checked in on everything I felt like checking online, I email Auds and ask how her weekend was.

10:08 Finally ready for breakfast. today it's Cereal. Chocolate fake cheerios from Kroger which in my opinion are WAY better than the real thing. I grab my bowl and sit down on the couch to eat. I turn on White Collar, my latest obsession on Netflix, to watch while i eat my cereal.

10:15 Done with breakfast, I turn off white collar and head to the bathroom to put in my contacts.

My eyes are not happy today so it takes several tries on both eyes to get them in. After my contacts are in, I head to my bedroom to blow dry and attempt to style my hair. It doesn't go as planned but then again when does it? I take a picture of me mid drying, it is too scary to show the internet.

 10:52- I grab my purse and keys and head out the back door (front door is stuck thanks to the humidity) time to head to my first allergy shot of the week. ( I do two a week)
 I didn't write down the time as i was leaving so I take a picture of my fancy new watch with the time as i'm sitting in my driveway.
 I'm driving to the dr's office and see the vehicle on the right. Having watched 50+ episodes of White Collar i immediately think of their Stakeout Van and wonder if that vehicle is really what they say they are, or a hidden FBI office inside. 
 11 something- I get to my Dr's office, park in the back and head inside for my allergy shot.
 It takes me only about 4-5 mins inside, until i am done and back in the truck ready to head back home. I try to take a picture of my watch for the time and the stupid thing has reset again. I am annoyed!
 11:22- Back home. I couldn't get in my front door, still stuck. So i go in the back door and then unlock the front door and manage to pry it open. I pray that it stays where it will open so my students won't have to walk in thru the back. I set up my laptop at the kitchen table, grab a coke, and start working on thing. For me, Mondays are usually heavy on paperwork, and computer work. Prepping for the week's lessons and different things that my students need. Today I am working on finishing designing a game of Piano Uno. I am making the cards myself and it is time consuming. I need to design and print them, cut out, and then laminate all the cards.
 11:52- As I'm working I hear the mail go, my Piano Pronto books arrived! I am ridiculously happy! Love these books and my students love them as well!
 I pull out my planner to update and take notes on what needs done this week. I also pull out my allergy shot schedule and write it today's date. I set my watch to the correct time. Again. We'll see how long this lasts.
 12:15-  I send a text to one of my students mom's to check in on some issues. Her lesson is this afternoon and I want to be prepared.

12:17- I heat up a slice of pizza. It's a working lunch today as I am still answering emails, texting the parents, and working on my fall schedule.

12:49- As I'm talking to my students Mom I have a genius idea on how to help with one of her issues. I fist pump the air, and clap for good measure. I have another idea and head into the Piano Room to prepare it for her lesson later that afternoon.

12:58- I do my Bing daily searches on my laptop. I use my bing points for my Hulu Plus Subscription, so I remember to do them every day!

1:07 pm- Check my watch. It has reset to 12 again. I set my watch, AGAIN, slightly annoyed.

1:08-1:14 pm- I prepare for my student that is about to arrive. I fill up my water bottle with ice water, grab my ice pack for my back, shut my bedroom door so no nosy students wander in, run to the bathroom and put up the baby gates to the kitchen to keep students out.

1:25 pm- Open blinds and startle when i notice my student and family is outside the door. Whoops! I open the door to let them in.

1:30 to 2:30 pm- Teach two separate lessons to two different students. Have a break through with the second student, I was so happy I almost cried. So rewarding to see them succeed!

2:35 pm- After students leave I sit back down at my laptop in the kitchen. I check and reply to emails. Grab a snack, and write my to do list, and my grocery list. I finish the Piano Uno cards that I have been working on all day. I still need to print them but the design is finished! HURRAY!

3:13 pm- It's time to get ready for the next wave of students.

3:16 pm- I grab my tablet to check the weather. My sunny day has turned cloudy, I hope we're not getting MORE RAIN.

3:18 pm- No rain on the radar. I open the front door and open the blinds, and go back to my computer while I wait.

 3:19 pm- I realize I haven't taken very many pictures for this post so I take a scintillating picture of my door open, and then take a self portrait of me sitting at my computer.  I also set my watch again. This watch is on my last nerve.
 3:31 pm- Students, twins actually, arrive and the mom is on crutches! We catch up on her injury and I teach each twin her lesson.

4:37 pm- Students are done and gone, I decide to run to the grocery store quickly before my evening lessons.

4:38-5:11 pm- There are alot of annoying and slow shoppers in the world. Unfortunately for me they all seem to be at Payless with me right now. There is a lady sniffing, yes SNIFFING a melon. I pass by the doughnut display. One of my students talked about Doughnuts and now they are in my mind. I grab one. I look back and the lady is sniffing another melon. Better make that two doughnuts, I have a feeling I am going to need them.

5:11 pm- I am finally back from grocery shopping and I am HANGRY. Like eat off my hand Hangry. I eat a doughnut while I heat up a burrito for dinner. It's Monday. we are not healthy today.
 5:17 pm- groceries are put away. Burrito is ready and I am finally sitting down to relax for a minute. I'm tired and not anywhere close to being done for the day. I turn White collar back on to zone out while I eat. Also, my shirt is itching me. I take it off, and eat in my tank top. Much better. I remember I need to take my early evening medicine so I run to bedroom to grab it.
 5:35 pm- Break is over. I go into my bedroom to find a non itchy, non sequiny top that will match my bright tank top. I find one and sigh in relief at it's comfiness. Hallelujah. I freshen up my powder and slap some lip gloss on.

5:40 pm- Time to refill my ice water, grab my ice pack, you know the drill. I put it in my studio and then sit back down at my desk while I wait for my student to arrive.

6-6:34 pm- My Adult student arrives and we catch up and have her lesson. I am in a happy mood because we played one of my favorite songs as a duet "Colors of the wind". I have to force myself not to start singing as we are playing.

6:35 pm- Student leaves, I put my ice pack back in the freezer and sit down to answer some emails from a parent and work on scheduling her child's fall lesson time.

6:55 pm- Final student for the day arrives. Her little brother is carrying a stuffed Tigger. It immediately makes me think of Snugglemuffin and his bff Eeyore. I miss my nephews. 

6:59 - 7:30 pm- I teach my last student of the day. She did well with some tough songs. I was proud once again.

7:40 pm- Family leaves, they are off to the fair. And I have to go to Walmart. I hate Walmart. The Mom commiserates with me, we all dislike walmart!

7:45 pm- I brace myself and head off to walmart. On the way I was supposed to drop a deposit in the night deposit box at the bank. Which i don't remember until I am parking at walmart. Shoot. Will have to do that on the way home.

7:50 something- I pull up to walmart and get a decent parking space. I go inside and the real fun begins. Ha. Not!

So I'm at walmart to pick up my new pool i ordered. the other one got a hole in it, so i ordered a new one that was a little bit smaller. I decide to check out the clothing on the way to the back. I find a cute pink t shirt, a mint green t shirt and a white cami. they all go in my cart.

I make my way to the pick up and actually find a sales associate to go get my order. I am happy!

Pool is in my cart and I make my way to the jewelry counter. My favorite watch broke (hence the digital one that won't keep time) and I need to buy a battery and have someone install it, as i have to idea how to get the back off my watch. I press the button for help and it says someone is coming. I look at jewelry to pass the time and find a 1.00 necklace, into the cart it goes.

No one. Ever. Comes.

I wait for over 20 mins and finally walk back to the place where you try on clothes, i tell the associate my issue. She informs me those buttons don't work and no one ever hears them. FABULOUS. She radio's someone to come help me as I go back to the jewelry counter.

It is blazing hot in Walmart, apparently they don't believe in a/c. I am sweating and dying. Finally after waiting for over 35 minutes at the stupid jewelry counter, I look around and find the battery I need and decide i will learn how to change it myself. I. am. TICKED. Like I will cut you ticked. All I want to do is leave, go home and take a shower.

I check out, and walk outside. 

It's raining.

Of course it's raining!

I get soaked while I load stuff into my truck.

I decide I have earned a Coke Icee from Burger King. I pull up and can't decide whether I want Cherry or Regular. I order both. I am dying of thrist and haven't drank much today. Might as well.

Despite having one car in front of me and only ordering beverages I sit in the drive thru for over 12 minutes.

This does nothing for the spectacular mood I have going on at the moment.

Finally, I get my drinks, and leave. Stop at the bank drive thru, drop off my check and I am home free. Never so happy to get home. As a bonus I did not drop anything coming inside. Winning.

I lock my door, set my stuff down and head straight for the bathroom. I need a shower like none other.

9:00 pm- That shower felt amazing. I am clean and smell good. Life is somewhat worth living again. I found an item by the Piano that wasn't mine, so I try to track down which student it belonged to. Finally figure out whose it was, and I put it in my lost and found.

9:20 pm- I decide it is time to sit down and relax. I grab my laptop and turn on white collar. I have some emails from student's parents so I read those.

9:40 pm- Relaxing was short lived. I remembered that I had some items to print off that I needed to put in the mail for tomorrow. I also have about 40 sheets of paper to print off for my Piano Uno game that I finished designing earlier in the day. I take my laptop into the Piano Room, hook it up to my printer and start printing away.

10:29 pm- Stuff is done printing, my mail is ready to be mailed, and my contacts are ready to come out! My eyes are super tired. I put on my glasses and realize I never took my vitamins. I head to the kitchen to get my vitamins and have a snack with them. I take snack to the couch and finally sit down to relax. It has been a long day and I'm really tired.

11:25 pm- Time for bed. I brush my teeth and take off my makeup. Take my evening medicines and get in bed. I use my tablet to read a little bit of a book while I am winding down.

11:55 pm- My eyes are starting to hurt, I am finally tired enough to sleep. I plug in my tablet and turn the light on it off, and attempt to go to sleep.

And that was my Monday! I realized I never took any pictures after like 5:45, so I am giving you a bonus picture! This is my new pool after I blew it up. It took me almost 2 hours. And a dead hairdryer later. (I finally got wise and used my dirt devil)

Maybe not the most exciting day ever, but it was a day in the life! No day is the same for me, each day has a different schedule of students and different things to be done. Like I said earlier, Mondays are heavy on the administrative side, if you will, of Piano lessons. I'm also working on my Fall Schedule so I have been emailing and texting a lot of parents to try and coordinate their students new time.

If you made it through this post without falling asleep I am impressed! Go reward yourself with a Coke Icee (or two :) )


LizzieB said...

Seriously, I don't know if I've ever had a Coke Icee but I want one now. Also, you've never smelled a melon? Now I am going to feel self conscious!

Charity said...

I can't believe you have never had a Coke icee! I LOVE them! I had my first one on a visit to Aunt Marj when I was maybe 5? her daughter bought me one at Walmart and I was hooked!

I've never smelled a melon and never saw anyone do it either! Now, knocking on melons is another thing! I will knock the life out of a watermelon!