Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Whooo Hooo! It's What's up Wednesday, the last Wednesday of the month and I am actually blogging this on the day I'm supposed to!

(Was that a Pig I just saw in the sky???)

On to the fun!

-What I'm Eating this week-
I desperately need to go grocery shopping, so meals have been interesting! It's eat whatever you can find around here. I do have cereal and milk so at least Breakfast is covered.

-What I'm reminiscing about-
I have a digital picture frame in my kitchen, and I have been looking at it while working at my kitchen table. I put some of my favorite pictures of Snugglemuffin as a wee little one on it. I'm loving remembering him when he was little bitty!

-What I'm Loving-
If my body/health holds up I will actually get to see several friends this week and next week! Hurray!! I'm in need of friend time!

-What I've been up to-
Work, work and more work :) Thankfully I love my job! I've been hard at work on fall scheduling, as well as developing new ways for my students to learn.  Their Lesson Folders are gaining more papers each day. (Some of them might be less than thrilled about this. ha!)

-What I'm dreading-
Having to get up early for the rest of the week. It's been a busy week so far, and it's nowhere close to being done. I am really tired already!

-What I'm working on-
This Blog post :) And the aforementioned stuff two bullet points before.

-What I'm excited about-
My Massage later this week!!

-What I'm watching/reading-
Well I just finished White Collar-LOVED! So I am looking for another series to binge watch on Netflix. I am reading books on my tablet, racing to get some more hours for my Summer Reading program that ends on Friday.

-What I'm listening to-
My A/C that hasn't shut off all day.It is HOT outside!

-What I'm wearing-
I feel like this is a slightly creepy question! But, Shorts a green t shirt and a coral tank top.

-What I'm doing this weekend-
Hopefully sleeping in on Saturday. Then seeing my parents!

-What I'm looking forward to next month-
Meeting up with April and finally meeting her baby girl! Being back on a school schedule and not having to get up so early everyday. #nightowl

-What else is new-
Nothing, and that's the way I like it!

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