Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Well Look at me, I'm just a regular blogging machine! I'm joining one of my favorite bloggers Andrea at for her Friday Favorite Link up!

 First up on the List is this AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING, MIRACLE WORKER stain remover. Have I gotten my point across? This stuff is AMAZING! It can get a stain out of anything and everything!

 Case in point, Thanks to having 20+ kids thru my house every week my couches looked like they all lived here. I washed my cushions in this magic and regular detergent and my couches look BRAND NEW!!!!
 Another favorite, Scarf Weather! Well, we had scarf weather for basically one day and then it went back up into the 80's. I tried to keep scarf weather going but finally gave up and turned the ac on. But I'm hopeful it will be legit scarf weather soon!!
 This is me saying YAY!! to scarf weather! Also on the day where I didn't die of sweat wearing a scarf :)

The BEST Favorite of the week was having dinner with two of my Favorite Girls, Addie Jane and her Momma.  I say this kid is addicting, because she is! She is the sweetest little thing, and after spending an evening with her I start to miss her the next day! Such a sweet lil punkin. Stay tuned for my Blog post about our dinner with lots of cute pics!!

Be very impressed that I figured out how to upload a video here!! This is definitely Addie Jane's Favorite, not so much for big brother Cubbie James. She is on the move and where he goes, she will follow. 

It's hilarious to see how her Momma picks her up and turns her around and 3.5 seconds later Addie turns and starts her way to Cubs again. She is a determined little girl! And also the cutest little girl ever, not that i'm biased or anything. I just have exceptionally good taste :) :) :)

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