Monday, September 21, 2015

Read a Book!

I love reading. Growing up my Mom always read to us, even after we learned how to read ourselves. We read all of the Boxcar Children, and various other series. To this day I still enjoy listening to my Mom read, only this time it's to my nephews :) Because of my childhood reading I am still a voracious reader to this day. It's something I really enjoy. 

Which makes it crazy that I have never done a book list or what i'm reading now post on this blog!

These aren't all of the books I've read recently, but some of my favorites! Hopefully it will inspire you to read as well!

 I read a LOT of fiction, but I have recently really gotten into non fiction as well. Right now I am FASCINATED by the Kennedy era and his untimely death, so I have been reading many books about the Kennedys.  The above two books are my favorites, next to Killing Kennedy by Bill O'Reily. Clint Hill is the author of both, and he was the Secret Service detail for Mrs. Kennedy. He was also the agent that is seen climbing on the back of the car when President Kennedy was shot. His books are so fascinating to me. Getting a glimpse of their lives and then a step by step look at the five days leading up to and after President Kennedy's death.
 This showed up as a suggested book on the free or almost free website I check out everyday (Bookbub, if you're wondering!) And I immediately snatched it up. If you've ever wondered what went on in the hospital during that time, this is all eye witness accounts from the medical students AND the Dr's that tried to save President Kennedy's life. If you work in the medical profession I think this would be even more interesting to you!

 Onward to fiction and happier times! Ha! I love Sandra Byrd's novels, I just finished the second book in this series. And I'm hoping the third book is free soon on bookbub :) It's about a small town USA girl who has dreams of living in Paris. And then her dreams become a reality! They are well written and it's cool to get an insight into french culture and their way of life.
Oh Becky Wade, how I love your books! Her newest book finally got to my library and I read it this weekend. Actually I read it in about 24 hours. It was that good. It's a book in the series about the Porter family, but you can still read it if you haven't read any of the others.  I love how she mixes faith, with real life, and pop culture references. Several of her characters I can see parts of myself in. I think that's what makes her books so enjoyable AND relate able. Love her!

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