Friday, November 13, 2015

Dinner with A&A/C&C

 I love me some allitteration. Earlier this week I had dinner with Audra and Addie and Cubbie! (I would be the second C of this equation.) They came over to my house for a super yummy dinner, if I do say so myself, and we had a great time! Some of the pictures are out of order, and I am lazy :)

 We had a rousing game of sledding on the carpet. Aka Sliding around on a tray. Addie thought it was tons of fun! I was cracking up on how she was holding on so tight! I will basically do anything to see that little smile.
 My Mom gave me a baby chair that she doesn't use for my nephews, and this was Addie's first time sitting in it! She thought she was BIG.STUFF. She was so proud to be sitting at the table with the big girls.
 This picture is a little blurry but I love it because they are both looking at me and smiling! And Cubbies tail is wagging! Love him!

 I slid Addie's chair closer to mine so we could have our picture taken. What you don't see is the major side eye she gave me when I slid it and put my arm around the back. I was DYING! She is full of sass that one!
 And this handsome fella is just a love machine!
 Ahhh here we are pre-sledding. Her eye is on the prize. Girlfriend wanted to catch up on her magazines.

 Addie Jane's first piano lesson! I probably should have showed her the piano earlier in the evening by this point she was about in Cinderella mode. (That's what I call her when it gets close to her bedtime. :) ) She did figure out that if you put your hands on it it makes noise! She might not look impressed but she was :) I can't wait to teach her for real some day!!!
 Time for a group pic! I love how she is looking at me in this pic. Melt my heart sweet girl! (In reality she was probably thinking how she could get her hands on my necklace again)
 And this is how pictures with a baby heading for Cinderella territory goes. It takes several attempts...
 To get her to look at the camera. Sidenote- Audra's nails are stinking gorgeous in this pic!

We finally decided it only mattered if we looked good, not the baby. Ha! Sorry Addie!

Another great night spend with some of my absolute favoritest people. I can't believe how fast Addie is growing and how quickly time is going by. It seems like just yesterday Audra and pregnant and we were talking about how we'd have one more person in our annual pictures by Audra's trees at Christmas. And now we're a month away from that and Addie is getting closer and closer to turning one. ACK!!!! Someone hold me!

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