Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's up Wednesday!

It's the end of February!! YAY!! I LOVE the end of February because it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!! I celebrate all week long! If that wasn't good enough, the end of February means we are that much closer to Spring! Can I get an Amen?! So here is what I'm up to lately!

1. What I'm eating this week.

Well I'm writing this on Monday night, so the list is small :) I made BLT Sliders for Lunch, and then my FAVORITE Crock pot recipe of the moment, Mix and Match Mama's  Ranch Chicken and Mushrooms. I put it over Mashed potatoes and it is to DIE for! Wednesday Audra and Addie and I are celebrating at Texas Roadhouse. Bring on the ROLLS baby!!! Edited: This is what I get for doing this early! Thanks to a blizzard our Texas Roadhouse plans got cancelled for Wednesday night. :(

2. What I'm Reminiscing about.

I've been working on Snugglemuffin's Yearly book. He has grown SO much this past year! And yes, I know I'm a few months late on it. Don't judge.

3. What I'm loving.

My Birthday week! I bought myself balloons tonight, yes, yes I did. They are decorations!
The other thing I loved was how amazingly gorgeous it was outside this past weekend!! It was 68 here in Indiana, crazy for February! I spent all of Saturday afternoon outside and have the tan lines to prove it. Oh it was GLORIOUS!!

4. What I've been up to.

Cleaning and organizing. I definitely have the spring cleaning bug. I'm putting out different decorations in my house, trying to switch things up. And just trying to clean out and be more organized!

5. What I'm dreading.

The SNOW that is coming Wednesday/Thursday. After 68 on Saturday, cold and snow just makes me want to weep. Edit: It's Weds evening and still coming down hard. Supposed to have 8 inches by the time it's said and done. I"m not hating it as much because I got a Snow Day off from teaching today!! WHOO HOOO!!

6. What I'm working on.

Snugglemuffin's yearly book. Taxes. Booo!

7. What I'm excited about.

SPRING! I got my Patio Swing last week and I am so excited to put it together and spend my free time out in my backyard!

8. What I'm watching/reading.

I watched an entire season of a show on hulu this weekend. Ok, it was basically Saturday night and Sunday when I wasn't feeling well. Has anyone else been watching the new show on hulu that is about JFK and time travel? I know, it sounds really weird. It came out last week and I watched the first episode and was HOOKED.  It does have some language that i could do without. But the premise is really, really interesting!

Reading, ehhh I haven't read any good books since the Patricia Bradley one I discovered a few weeks. ago. I am waiting for my advance copy of Melissa Tagg's new book to arrive!!!!

9. What I'm listening to.

Right now, nothing. During the day, my students playing their songs. When they aren't here and I need music it is either KLOVE or my Backstreet Boys Pandora Station. They play the perfect mix of BSB and NSYNC and all of my other 90's favorites.

10. What I'm wearing.

This question always creeps me out! Right now it is mismatched PJ's and glasses. Saturday it was a t shirt, capris and flip flops! Edit- Even though today was a Snow Day, I showered and got dressed. (The Fear of losing power was real!) I have on my favorite Fleece lined leggings, a pink striped tunic sweater, and my comfy slipper booties! And a face mask, because why not.

11. What I'm doing this weekend.

Well Saturday is my BIRTHDAY!! And Lord willing if my Dad doesn't have to work my Parents will be coming that afternoon to spend time with their one and only favorite daughter :) I'm looking forward to hanging out with both of them and introducing them to my favorite pizza place, Buck Creek Pizza!!

12. What I'm looking forward to next month.

Spring. Can you tell I am over this winter? I'm ready for warmer days, less germs, less layers of thick clothing, all of the above! Call me crazy but I'm also excited for the time change. An hour more of daylight in the evening is going to be really awesome!! As it gets warmer and is easier to go places I want to start exploring our downtown area and going to stores, ect that I haven't been to before.

13. What else is new.

Nothing at all! I lead a somewhat boring life and that is just fine with me!

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