Friday, March 18, 2016

Week Wrap up!

Normal people do Weekend Wrap Up's, but being a person with a chronic illness, my weekends are not very exciting! They are usually spent resting up for the next week. So with that in mind, here is my Week Wrap Up!

 By far the best part of this past week was finally being able to use my newly set up Porch Swing!! I love it!!!
 My Mom came last week and put it together while I was teaching, (What a Good Momma!!) And earlier this week it was finally warm enough for me to enjoy it! I will say that the seat is rather short, I carry my height in my thighs, so I felt like I was missing some of the seat! It's also kind of short, but I got 4 inch blocks to put it up on so that my knees aren't up to my chin. #TallPeopleProblems

 My grass is already turning green! Ack!! And yes, I know I have patches of no grass at all. My backyard is still struggling after the Great Sewer Repair of 2015.
 My pasty white legs got some much needed sun! I am proud to say I now have a flip flop tan line!

 I didn't stay in this position for long, I felt like I was going to slide off!  But still is was AWESOME!!

And not pictured, but later that evening I grilled hamburgers. And if I had some potatoes I would have made potato salad. Bring on the Summer Food!!

 I'm really thankful for the wall calendars I now have, otherwise I would have never known it was St Patrick's day! I thought I didn't have much green until I remembered that I LOVE Mint Green. By the time I was dressed and heading out the door to my allergy shot, I realized I had on a green shirt, green scarf, green eyeliner, and that my purse and my sunglasses are both green! I was basically a walking Shamrock.
 Earlier in the week, coincidentally on the warmest and nicest day, Dairy Queen held their Yearly Free Cone Day. Because I am an idiot, I waited to go until after 7:30. When everyone on the Southside was also at DQ. I waited forever and a day in the drive thru line, and really wished I had a smart phone to burn the time.
 Thankfully for me, I instead texted Audra, who was also headed to DQ!
 I was a little jealous that their DQ had no line. Not gonna lie!
 It was worth it though when I got my free cone! I love ice cream! 

The next day one of my students and I had the following conversation:

Conversation with a student today:
Student: Momma said we should text you to tell you about the free cones at Dairy Queen, but I said we don't need to. Because Miss Charity knows EVERYTHING about ice cream.
The funny thing is I don't even think we have talked about ice cream that much, but she is correct. ‪#‎MissCharityLovesIceCream‬ ‪#‎IGetItFromMyDaddy‬
While Audra and I were texting I told her that I couldn't wait to see this year's picture of Addie with Ice Cream, because last year (Pictured above) she was just a teeny tiny baby  (Sob!!) and still was trying to get the ice cream. This year she would actually get her own cone!
Audra didn't disappoint, I love how Cubbie is eating his ice cream cone as well! And Yes, I cropped out Audra's Hubby as he probably doesn't want his face all over my blog. Even if only 4 people read it :)

Sidenote: I am also DYING over Addie's new hairstyle! I love her little Pebbles Ponytail! She is the cutest baby girl ever!!

So there were a few snapshots of the best parts of my week! What were your best parts?

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