Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dinner with A&A and C&C

Next up on the blog catch up is my Dinner several weeks ago with Audra and Addie! And Cubbie, although he really wasn't that interested in us.

Addie is going through some stranger danger, and I was prepared for her to treat me like a Serial Killer like my baby nephew does, but thankfully she just needed a bit to warm up to me and remember who I was!

This is her face while she's still trying to decide about me...

 I love that little smile!!
 And that little girl! We had the most amazing homemade deep dish pizza courtesy of Audra's mad cooking skills, and I may or may not have made it twice myself since then. It was GOOD!!!
 Addie got a new little chair so she had to test that out. I can just see her sitting on this outside in the summer with her bathing suit and sunglasses on! I die!

 It was a little after Easter so I brought her a Minnie Easter basket and a few goodies.
 Cubbie was not impressed! ha!
 But that didn't stop him from trying to help! I think Addie had the most fun with the little cups I gave her (pictured on the floor above) she kept stacking them and unstacking them. It doesn't take much to entertain! ( I am the same way! ha!)
 But she was most excited that Miss Charity finally had a smart phone. She was swiping better than I do!!
 Girlfriend loves a good selfie.
 I tried to get her to pose with her Momma, but she kept purposely drinking her milk.
 Notice her laughing! Stinker!!
 Her eyes just kill me. That sweet little face!
 And her little smile! I like this pic because her Momma is in the background smiling the same exact smile!

 Stop. I mean, I just can't. Her cuteness just kills me!! She has lemon dessert on her lips, courtesy of Miss Charity sharing. (But with a different fork, I can't help my germaphobe ways!)
 She was squirming so I stood her up to get a good picture and then she wanted to stand up on the counter. Awesome parenting skills Miss Charity, steer the child in the direction of what she's NOT supposed to do.
 I'm not sure if this video will play or not, but we took her to the other room to play and she showed off her basketball skills :)
 I had brought her a pair of JOHN DEERE Pink Jammies in her Easter Basket so of course we had to put them on her! They were extremely high waisted, which cracked me up! But she still looked so sweet in them!
 She likes to stroke her pony tail and suck her thumb.
 And smile at the same time. Girl has Skills!!! Reminds me of my oldest nephew when he was little and loved his Paci he would smile with it in and it was the cutest thing ever!

 I think I say this everytime but Audra and I are not smart. At least not in this way. We always wait for the selfie with the three of us until the end of the night when someone is getting tired and ready for bed. Perhaps by the time she is 18 we will have figured this out!
Note how she is holding on to her Momma's hair. SO sweet! She has tried that a few times with my hair but I think she has learned that nothing gets into Miss Charity's mess of curls! Ha!

It was a great night spent with my two favorite girls! At the end of the evening as I was gathering my bags and food up to take home, Addie realized I was leaving and walked over to me and put her hands up. I had to pick her up and gave her a kiss goodbye. SO sweet.

I put her down and put my jacket on and picked up my bags and she came back and was trying to crawl up my leg! MELT.MY.HEART. I put everything down and picked her up for one last cuddle and kiss. Sweetest Baby Girl EVER! Love her!!!

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