Monday, June 20, 2016

Dinner with A&A

 Last Week Two Weeks ago Audra and Addie came over for Dinner and a Girls night! I had missed my Addie Jane So much!! She looked so much bigger to me! Last year when she was a wee babe, we had a swimming and snacks afternoon. She warmed up to my swimming pool and had fun kicking her little feet. So we thought she would enjoy swimming this year! Well, I think my pool water was too cold for her delicate sensibilities as we put her legs in it and she immediately wanted out!
She did however quite enjoy sticking her hand in, and then putting her wet hand in her mouth! 
What a goober!( Thankfully for her there were no pool chemicals in my pool at that time!)

What she did really like however, was playing with my hose. I have a fabric hose so it's really soft and light weight. I turned the water on enough for it to spray out but not full force and she had the best time spraying the water and then bunching the hose in her hand to get the water to stop!

She also managed to spray Miss Charity and her Mommy SEVERAL TIMES with the COLD hose water. She was pretty proud of herself. There are no pictures of that, but just imagine us shrieking and trying to get away from her and Sweet little Addie Jane laughing and laughing!
Notice her look of concentration! I think she was trying to figure out why the water was stopped.
After our fun outside and dessert we tried to get some pictures in. Cinderella was starting to fade.

Pictures with a toddler at bedtime. Never a win!
So we decided to get a picture of the OG!

I mean..........
I like how it appears like I am gently holding onto Addie Jane but in reality I am trying to keep her in place for 3 seconds to get a picture :) #RealLife

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