Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's up Wednesday: June Edition

What I'm Eating this Week: So it seems like by the end of the month I really need to go grocery shopping! HA! Add to that I will be with family for the Holiday so I hate to buy much when I won't be around to eat it! I'm going crazy eating Watermelon, by far my favorite fruit! Making different Pasta salads, Pancakes, and this morning I had scrambled eggs for breakfast.

What I'm Reminiscing About:Nothing?

What I'm Loving: Summer. I love my schedule in summer, even if I do have to get up earlier than normal. I actually have a day where I get done in the afternoon which is crazy rare. I am always teaching late into the evening. So it's been a nice change of pace! And even though the heat does bad things to my body when I'm outside for too long, I love warm weather and the ease of going places without snow and ice!

What I've been up to: Teaching and trying to hit my reading goal for the summer. Spoiler alert, I need to get with it! And chasing random animals in my backyard away from my veggies! I"M LOOKING AT YOU 9,000 SQUIRRELS WHO KEEP EATING MY PLANTS!!!

What I'm dreading: Having to start working on Fall Schedule. And Summer being over. Whimper.

What I'm working on: Trying to finish this blog so it goes up on Weds and not Thurs. While answering two different Piano Mom's questions. I am a multi tasker!

What I'm Exciting About: Fourth Of July! First of all it's one of my favroite holidays. I love Fireworks!! Secondly, and more importantly, My Nephews are coming to visit!! I can't wait to spend the long weekend with my Snugglemuffin and Lovemuffin!!! Here's hoping my Lovemuffin likes me more this time :)

What I'm Watching/Reading: So right now I am watching Major Crimes and Rizzoli and Isles. Love both of those shows!  I am falling behind on my reading for the summer book club, but currently i am reading Lis Wiehl's The Newsmakers. I love her books, but this is a collab with someone new and I just don't love it as much as her other books. I'm struggling to adapt to the tone and pace.

What I'm listening to: The only thing I'm listening to right now is my a/c running, but soon it will be the sound of fingers on a piano!

What I'm Wearing: Sleeves for the first time in weeks! ha! It has been super hot and I have been sleeveless all day er day. But today it's in the 70s so I have 3/4 length sleeves on along with my standard denim shorts!

What I'm doing this weekend: Spending time with my nephews! And probably not getting enough sleep. Ha! We always stay up way too late when we are together. I'm also excited about going to the Wolcott 4'th of July Festival! We used to go every year as kids and I haven't been in several years. I'm excited to take my nephews to it! And Maybe even ride some rides with Snugglemuffin! And by rides, I mean the Merry Go Round.

What I'm looking forward to next month:Fair time!!! And more importantly Fair Food! My Favorite!! And one more full month of Summer! I am loving my summer!!

What else is new: Nothing really!! One of these days I will have something exciting to put here, HA!

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