Monday, July 4, 2016


Ohhh.. where to start with this story?!

So my Dad turned 60 this June and my parents 40'th Wedding Anniversary is in October. They decided they wanted to do a family vacation to celebrate. Originally my Iowa family was going to be here last week. So I made us three girls massage apts on Thursday evening at the free massage clinic that I have been going to this summer. Well the schedule changed and I was the only one who would be here for the massage. Since we had the spots and the clinic was full Mom and my SIL passed along their apts to Emboz and Bethanne. It was Bethanne's first massage!!

Bethanne, despite being wise beyond her years, is underage at 15 years old, which we hadn't thought about. I had switched my massage person so that B wouldn't have to have the guy for her first massage. That was all good and fine until they told us that Since B was underage I would have to be responsible for her, since the girls bed and the guys bed were right next to each other. So they put us next to eachother and at my very STRONG insistence, only opened the curtain dividing us after we were under the covers. My exact words? "Bethanne, I love you. Just not that much!" HA! #IPreferPeopleClothed #AtAllTimes

I will leave out some of our shenanigans to protect the not so innocent. let's just say, I think B was the only one relaxed during her massage. I had been having equilibrium issues and felt dizzyish for over a week, so that was a struggle. And I kept twitching! I can't help it, apparently I am twitchy.

Anyways, the massages end, we were the last of the day. And I put my several layers of clothes on. And then I realize Bethanne is still "next door" She only had shorts and a t shirt on so I wasn't sure what was going on. I knocked on the curtain to see if she was decent and what do I walk in on???


 I about died. I told her they were going to wash it but apparently B is very type A and felt it would be rude to leave the bed unmade. Bless her heart. I didn't get a picture of the final product, mainly because the flash kept going off and the pics were delayed. Hence the blurryness. But I can tell you she left that bed looking just exactly like it did when she came in!!
 We went over to the small fake candle to take a selfie, because, why not at this point!!
 At this point Emboz was waiting in the hall wondering what was taking us so long. HA! We had to wait until we got outside to tell her, the giggles were about to errupt!

And to probe Emboz was there, a group selfie!!

It was fun, albeit not super relaxing, HA! But I am glad I got to have this adventure with my friends!!

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