Monday, January 16, 2017


Well it is my goal to do a weekly wrap up each week of this year. We'll see how this goes! Bekah over at does a great weekly wrap up, and she has inspired me to try and do my own!

So let's get with it!

 I got a package in the mail and I loved how they addressed it!!
 I made out like a bandit at DG's Christmas Clearance. I bought over 300 Christmas Cards, which means I'm stocked up for next Christmas' Service project. As I was checking out the check out lady said " wow.... you send out a LOT of Christmas cards!!" I had to explain what they were for :)
 My Mom got me several new tops for Christmas, and they, along with the gold bar "Choose Joy" necklace my Brother and SIL gave me, have been getting a lot of wear lately! It's nice to wear something different!

 Speaking of DG I am officially obsessed with these heart pretzels. I don't even like pretzels all that much, unless they are covered in chocolate apparently :)

I got the brilliant idea to make a pillow cover out of an old sweater. Let's not discuss how much that failed.

I feel like I have been living in tunics and leggings lately, so I decided to switch it up and wore a Dress on Thursday. Along with a new scarf I got for Christmas. I loved it, and felt so fancy! Definitely will be doing this again, especially on days where i get to stay inside.

 My plug in wax melt warmer died before Christmas. When I was at Aldi's this past week I found a cute blue one for under 4.00!! You'd better believe I snatched that up in a hurry. I love a good smelling house!!
 After wearing a dress on Thursday I decided to continue being wild and crazy and wear a skirt and cardi ensemble on Friday. It wasn't the brightest choice, since I had to go grocery shopping (I was at Aldis on 10:45 am on Friday morning, be impressed. Shoot, be SHOCKED!!) I about froze to death. but at least I looked good doing it!
 After grocery shopping so early in the morning, I felt like I deserved an award, so I read for 15 mins before my homeschooled student showed up. I got this Kristi Ann Hunter book for free, in exchange for reviewing it, and I LOVED IT!! Full review coming soon. But it was so good that I couldn't put it down! Before I had even finished the book I found the first in the series on our library digital books, downloaded it. And put in a hold on the 2'nd book in the series. I'm writing this on Monday night and I have already read the book above, the digital book, and I picked up the 2nd book at the Library today!
 Friday afternoon during my break was also the first Baptist Happy Hour of 2017!!! This little booger wasn't napping so he joined in the fun.

 Wednesday I had an EARLY morning Dr's apt at my new Dr's office. Thankfully I really liked the NP that I saw and am officially switching Drs. My beloved GP who oversaw my entire health, had the audacity to move, after having me as a patient for 10 years. I was not enthralled with the person who replaced him, so I am thankful to find someone whom I like better. To reward myself for that, and three dr's visits in one morning. (NP, Allergy Shot, Chiro) I treated myself to a Cherry Limeade. I don't know when the last time was that I had a cherry limeade! I am thinking over a year! ACK!!
 When I got home from all my Dr Apts I had a package in the mail from my former piano teacher!! I was so excited!!!!!!!
 Last week we had some CRAZY wind. That knocked down two sections of my fence. And if you look to the right of the picture you see two other pieces who were precarious anyway. I don't think my neighbor has realized they are falling down. I"m hoping he does soon :)

 When I parked at my allergists office, I looked out my window to see this dog. Is he in a court jester's outfit? a christmas outfit? I was so confused.
 It was kind of hilarious.

So at the very end of last week. Friday Thru Sunday we were supposed to have a big ice storm. It was supposed to be terrible. So I hustled to Aldi's early on Friday before lessons and stocked up since I was low on groceries. I hunkered down and prepared for this weather event. Comfy outfit, blanket, reading material. I was ready to stay home all weekend, safe and sound inside.

Well I did stay home all weekend.. Did I need to? NO. It did some stuff Friday night, and then the ice we were supposed to get that was SUPPOSED to make driving dangerous Sunday morning (aka why I didn't bother to set my alarm for church) DID. NOT.COME. I thought hmm.. ok maybe it's coming later in the day. Yeah it didn't come then either. So yay for the ice storm that really didn't happen. I was prepared. I should know better than to trust the weathermen and their timing. I have to admit though it was nice to stay home, all warm and cozy inside after my busy week.

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