Monday, January 30, 2017


We made it a whole month of doing wrap ups! WHoo HOOO!!

This week was a doozy. I am glad it's over and thankful for an upcoming week with no apts!

I can't remember if I blogged about this last week but i'm loving my flower and lights display on the top of my sofa table!

Last Monday, it was 1:30, and I was able to bake some lunch and dry my hair.... And then the power went off. And it stayed off until after 5 pm. I had to teach three lessons with the studio window shades pulled all the way up, numerous candles and then finally two additional oil lamps as it started getting darker.

I was SO happy when the power came on during a lesson! And so very thankful that it came on before my evening lessons.
Tuesday was a super busy day and I took a total of ONE picture. That afternoon I went out of town to the Nursing home I frequent, and played for their Alzheimer's wing. It is always a good time. And nice to spend some time around the elderly since I don't have Grandparents on this earth. On the way back home, I stopped and got my allergy shot, went to Marsh for the freebie I had a coupon for, and got some Faygo Red Pop while I was at it. (That stuff is the BOMB!!) I decided to treat myself to a Cherry Icee from Burger King since there is one right there. Then I went back past my house to go back to the Gas Station I had passed leaving town, that had gas over 40 cents cheaper than everywhere else in town. Three hours after I left home, I returned home!
Wednesday started off bad before I had even gotten out of bed. It was just one of those days with bad news and just ugh. So I was really excited when I received my Christmas present in the mail from my bestie!! It was just what I needed to cheer up!!

Look How Pretty!! She gave me a fancy C charm bracelet! I love it! Thanks Auds! My nails are legit a 1.00 nail polish from Dollar General with Seche Vita's awesome top coat.

Thursday dawned with a dusting of snow on the ground.
I received another book to review in the mail, and having read some of the author's previous books I was really bummed to have to teach for 6+ hours. All I wanted to do was READ!!!
That afternoon I had three Skype Students in a row. I usually only have 1 on Thursdays, but the students after the Skype needed to do theirs online as well. It went well but I didn't move from my chair for 2 hours. My back was KILLING me when I was done!
I had to extend my table to have everyone's books and supplies handy since the lessons were back to back.

My Mom gave me some really pretty pink scarves for Christmas and I wore the pale one for the first time!

I also attempted to get fancy with my hair and make a hair headband of sorts.
I can't braid to save my life, so I did two strand twists and I was pleased with the results!

I'm working on making my wall in my living room.. And finished painting my Music sign.

More dusting of snow on Friday and weird mysterious tracks in my drive way??

It was a thank goodness it's FINALLY Friday type of week.
With more fancy hair!

I went to the Chiro and it felt SO good!

Proof my hair was cute

The Chiro is my happy place!

I have pictures from Sunday but my computer is driving me nuts.  I'm forced to use Edge, which works about as well as a potato surfing the web. If anyone knows of fixes for Google chrome always not responding let me know!!

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