Monday, January 9, 2017

First Week of 2017 Recap!

Let's be real here. The first week of 2017 was a STRUGGLE.  From Start to Finish. I started out 2017 having an eye infection and allergic reaction all rolled into one. Which made me look SUPER Attractive. (Not.)  So if you wonder why I'm rocking the glasses in every picture and look less like my normal put together self. That is why!

On my Last Day of Vacation (SOB!!) I took a little drive and met up with Audra and Addie as they were driving back home to Iowa! Poor Addie Bear was at the start of not feeling well, so she was less than enthused. Poor sweetie! And my pictures are out of order once again. Above is Addie and I sitting in the back seat of their vehicle chatting for a little bit after lunch.

Auds took this pic of us from the front seat. Traveleing with a toddler and a large dog with after christmas presents, it was cozy :)

The Three of us Inside Wendy's after lunch! It's good thing Audra was looking great that day, she is the only one of us that was :)

While I was sitting in the car I realized Cubbie was right behind me so I had to snap a selfie. I thought it was hilarious.

 And here we are magically back inside Wendy's opening Christmas Presents!
 Addie had zero interest in opening anything.
 She was pushing the present away in this pic! HA!
 The Irony of this kills me :)
 Momma had to open Addie Bear's Presents.
 Addie Bear was more interested in doing this. Isn't she so precious??!
 Auds went outside to check on Cubbie so I held Addie and snapped some pics.
 She was trying to figure out how to hold onto my hair here.. She never remembers that you really can't run your fingers thru Miss Charity's hair. #CurlyHairProblems

 Wednesday it was back to work for me. I was not ready. That two week break went by so quickly and I was sick the entire time. I felt like I needed another week of vacation.
 But this brightened up my day! One of my students was cleaning out her room and found some Peanuts toys, and knowing that I love them, she brought them for me!!!!!!!
 Thursday ( I think it was Thursday??) it snowed a bit. I was beyond struggling on Thursday, as Wednesday night when I was in bed trying to fall asleep, (and not being successful) I noticed that my furnace was kicking on, lighting up and then shutting off. Did I mention it was the coldest night of the year so far with below zero temps? It was 2 am until I finally was able to go to bed, after getting it to kick on, and getting all my heaters out. I was so exhausted on Thursday, and it didn't help that Thursday is my busiest day of non stop students.

 Notice the heater in the back ground? My furnace kept having issues, and today (Monday) it's still having issues but running somewhat better.

 This is how I felt when someone brought a sick child into the studio.

 Friday morning, because I am an idiot, I had a bright an early dentist apt for 3 fillings. Again on one of the coldest mornings of the year. My truck has started doing this thing where when it's cold, the drivers side door lock is frozen. So I have to crawl in thru the passengers side. I will just say that my next vehicle will NOT have a center console to it.

I got to the dentist and I didn't feel great, but attributed it to not much sleep the past few days. The Dentist started working on my mouth and it went downhill from there. By the Grace of GOD and God alone, I did not throw up at the dentists, but I was white knuckling it the entire time.  It is really hard to have your mouth worked on when you're feeling super nauseated.  not a fan. 

After that debacle, I had a quick errand to run even though I didn't feel great. My Dad had a surprise for my Mom and I had to pick it up and wrap it so it would be ready for them when they came by later that day to work on my furnace.

I ended this illustrious first week of 2017, on the couch, watching One Tree Hill, for the entire weekend. Finally I feel back to normal, and ready to take on the second week of 2017!!

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