Monday, February 6, 2017


 I'm starting off this week's wrap up with a few pictures from last Sunday. I decided to wash my hair Saturday night and wear it straight on Sunday.  It was a different look and reminded me that I needed to dye my hair soon. #SoManyWhiteHairs #GrandmaStatus
 I came home from church and changed into a dark shirt that wouldn't show stains when I dropped tacos on it. Because. we all know if I'm wearing a light colored outfit I WILL drop food on it!!

 Monday I was happy to have electricity, unlike the previous Monday! I rocked day two of straight hair. I took this selfie and had to send it to my Mom, I was wearing the shirt, pants, necklace, and earrings she had given me, all at different times!
 Wednesday afternoon I finished up with a student and came out to the living room to get the next student and found that her baby brother had come along and came inside to see me!! YAY! I love babies!! I hadn't seen Mr. M since he was born, about 6 months ago. He has grown obviously so much since then, but he has changed a lot in his looks as well! He is a super chill baby and didn't mind me holding him. His Mom said I was welcome to hold him in the lesson if I wanted to, and she didn't have to ask me twice! hahaha Have Baby, will Hold Baby!!
 So I held Mr. M while teaching his older sister, and writing on her assignment sheet. I was feeling pretty proud of myself and it was basically the best piano lesson ever :)

 I realize this picture doesn't look like it, but Weds night I finally cleaned off my dresser. Does anyone else struggle with a messy top of their dresser? I don't know why or how it gets so messy. I only do my hair there. But oh does it get messy!!

 Thursdays call for some extra Grace and coziness, So I sported my #NVuncharted shirt.
 I finished with the first half of students around 5:30 and was working at my table when I realized It was still light outside!!!!!!
 LOOK AT THAT!!!! It's bright!! OK, well it's not super sunny but it's not pitch black!

So I tried to make it more exciting and go outside and take a picture, and I basically got a picture with my drive way. It was also CRAZY cold outside. BUT IT WAS BRIGHT!!!!!!!

 Friday I wore one of my favorite cozy outfits. Fridays just call for cozy!!
 And I gave a HIGH FIVE for surviving this week! Earlier that week a student came sick to their lesson and passed it on to me. So I spent the latter half of the week not feeling well. Looks can be deceiving. I might look okay on the outside but on the inside not so much.
 Another student was sick on Friday, and thankfully stayed home and kept their germs to themselves, so I dashed over to the library to pick up the books I had on hold, before my next student arrived.
 Which was a good thing because Sunday, the power went off. AGAIN. The same pole that someone hit less than two weeks ago, was HIT AGAIN. No clue if it was the same person. It was super annoying. I was thankful that it was sunny and warm outside, but the power was off for almost 4 hours.
Saturday I still wasn't feeling well, so I decided to stay home from church Sunday and rest. So I camped out on my couch, with my blinds open, and read all afternoon. 
 I was glad I had went to the Library!!
That evening, after the power came on, I was getting ready to vacuum and noticed some lights outside my window. I had heard a loud, strange sound, maybe 20 minutes before that. But had looked out my front and back windows and saw nothing. Well It appears there was an accident two houses down from mine. The Police were here for over an hour and two different tow trucks were here as well. Never a dull moment in this neighborhood!

The weekend ended with me being sucked into genealogy, (my Grandma's work) and watching the last few minutes of the Superbowl and wondering what in the world happened since the last time I had looked up at the TV!

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