Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday- FIVE Days Until my Birthdaaaayyyy!!!

What I'm eating this week: That's a good question! I need to cook something!!

What I'm Reminiscing about: Past Birthdays with my Grandma. I miss her a lot this time of year.  I already had one big cry over it last week, so hopefully that sadness is over! Grief is a funny thing.. Hits you out of nowhere.

What I'm Loving: THIS WEATHER!!!! Indiana is crazy, it has been in the 60's and 70's and I am loving it!! Windows open, capri's, flip flops, yes, yes and yes!!!!!

What I've been up to: Ugh.. Adulting... It isn't fun!! Last weekend my house flooded.. again.. so I had to deal with that and the on going saga of my sewer system. My computer has been having issues for several weeks which I think I finally solved, but mercy!!

What I'm dreading: Sewer Issues..

What I'm working on: Lots of things!!!! Several involve crafting!

What I'm excited about: I'm excited for my birthday and birthday week, and that I get to see my best and Addie Jane in a few days!!!!!

What I'm watching/reading: I have been binge watching One Tree Hill, and I need to finish the Melissa Tagg book I am half way done with!

What I'm listening to: Right now I'm sitting on my couch typing up this post, and listening to the ladies on The Real. My FAVORITE can't miss talk show!!

What i'm wearing: Well I only seem to have one pair of capri's, so I'm sporting my dark denim capri's for the second time this week. Today I'm wearing my 2016 NV Shirt, along with my fake converse.  Monday I wore the same capri's, along with a pink and white flowered sleeveless shirt, topped with a white cardigan and flip flops.

What I'm doing this weekend: It's my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday my parents are coming to town and they are going to church with me. I'm excited because this will be the first time they've been to a service at our new church building! I'm excited to see what they think of it!! After that we're having lunch at my place and a birthday party! YAY!!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Um... March is kind of a meh Month. So I'm not sure!

What else is new: I'm working on creating a Gallery Wall in my living room! Ok that was stretching for something new, but oh well!!

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Laura Darling said...

I need to watch One Tree Hill! I've been hearing so much about it lately and I need a new show! Have a fantastic weekend and birthday!